The thing about the truth.

Is this: it’s come out in the whirlpool washer.

Mama said it. It’s slipped out while I stood in front of her. She felt like God curses her with me. Seems like a small statement said in the heat of an honest moment to me. I am the key that key that guard down so she could just say it to me and let it go free. Just a lie big enough to fit my truth once removed.

And I began to take steps to remove that idea from Mamas mind toot sweet! It’s her guilty denial showing itself to me, asking, “please let me out of my own cursing please” I’m stuck on lie mode.

And most people would be offended that someone believed them a curse. But not me. I know I am no curse. Her lies can’t stop my love from melting those lies away.

Adoption is a curse.

I am the blessing I always was.

Sent to Linda from God through Huey.

Many people get stuck without their blessing due to believing it a curse.

The curse was thinking I was a curse and that a child could be erased from a Mamas deepest knowing. Exiled herself letting go of me.

My arms were made to stretch around her and squeeze. My arms were made to hold her. My fingers to touch her. My heart to love her.

I’ve defied my odds. And have been divinely defiant to an idea that denies the truth.

Still Linda’s child.

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