I had to wait for it.

Growing up adopted felt like being a GPS device always adjusting and rerouting. See people don’t realize how connected to our Mothers and Fathers Genetically.

We are not designed to be separated from each other. Isolation changes people. Yes. And most of those isolated and released from isolation have a message about isolation.

Why do we isolate? People. Ideas. Because of being raised in an isolated idea isolated from my family. I do have a lot to say.

The Mother who gave birth to me. My own Mamas other persona needs me to break her free. I personally want her to love into her hundreds with all of her facilities. And because of me she will have that choice.

My Mama needs some loving. And all this shits in my way to giving it her. And a public clearing always does the trick. Jesus was one of the best. We meaning our ancestors killed a good man for telling the truth.

His death made it possible for me to tell mine and not have to face a cross of wood to be hanged on for it. Ad so did Mama.

I’ve crucified the tyrant here. Adoption. Who took me away from her. Made my own Mama think it was right when it was left all along. Because the only way to kill an idea is to bring knowledge to shed light on the dark places people can’t see. Like me and my kin living altered realities while we still know we are our parents children.

It’s we who now ask you why? And it’s you who don’t have a clue.

I had to wait for God to bring me back around. So don’t tell me I’m not patient. That’s a lot of prayer time prior to setting it right.

So giving up after 56 years is just not an option. I’ve been plugging away for years. Fighting the GPS outside of me that kept rerouting me and knowing the whole thing was off. Prayer like hooking me back up to adjust my GPS worked and lead me to Mama. Home base for me.

Like the good girl Mama gave birth too.

I waited for God to help set me free.

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