You want so badly to just press the button

The button that takes you to home. Whatever that is. It’s some kind of feel we had? Some kind of link up sink up. We all feel it. Some people get to go sink up and link up with home. Some of us are limited or denied our link up sink up. And the world calls us crazy for wanting to link up to home and recharge! It’s natural!

She is home. The Mother. She’s the docking port for her children to feed and also feed her back. We all are like cell phones. And we all need to dock up. It’s not a bad thing unless someone’s pulling more juice then they produce.

Which leads me to Adoption links and sinks. Which are limited and sketchy. Connections get dropped a lot. And there’s a lot of static and cling.

My Mama, like us all has an aura. Around her body. I came from the body and the aura, energetic field around my Mama. I enjoy her presence even if she wants to fight with me due to being denied. Fact. She can’t hurt me. Any contact is good contact for me. I can take her silence if that’s what she wants me to have. But if raver have a hug and a home cooked meal?

Sounds so simple? No. It’s not simple entering your Mamas world as a grown ass woman. No. A baby would have been easier. But Mama didn’t want it like that and now in the middle of our renovations she’s gone silent. Am I to imagine she wants me to finish this?

Probably. She has no idea how to reverse her own spells? Not my sister evidently? Spells. Prayers. Vows. Words. Wind whirls. Round and round until it found. Bound by blood. Here comes a flood of love held back for later tater.


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