Happy thanksgiving to all the Mamas out there. I give a shit that we all get this right!

Nit picking OCD I call it! On steroids. Mama just rearranged silverware and collects kitchen gadgets. I’ve remembered it all despite everyone’s doubts that I could.

And I’m showing Mama how her girl learned how to teach her to rise above it! Yeah! In your faces! Like Daddy’s taught me.

This song hits the spot and is the energy I was created in. And there’s no shame in Carrie Underwood calling it like it was for my Mama and Daddy back in there day. Misery loves company but she did not expect me! To crash the party if you know what I mean?

And I came to give misery her hat and her coat with a huge headache from this education and send her on her way. Cuz Mamas need to be proud of their daughters even if they gave them to strangers. I’ve learned the lessons.

Bout how to rearrange it from being rearranged myself so many times in my lifetime. Mama just needed some wacks of my words to bust out her kinked up mindset.

There’s so much to see beyond why. But Mama needs to know the what to her why. What became of what she questioned as a why? As God keeps bringing me back around and around her, on some swing ride. An empty swing beside me, maintained for her butt cheeks to meet. Beside me.

I made it home. Yes. I missed you. But your hard to forget woman!!

I never said that the way I write is conventional or easy to read and understand. But I’ve let you all into the circus inside my head. I ask you.

How’s it feel? That’s life in my head and how I’ve made sense of nonsense my whole life.

Sense is that I am Belinda Jean who was Stephanie Anne who was raised by Mama Jean, but was born from Linda Marie.

Yeah. I don’t even like writing it but it’s the truth. I won’t run from what my Mama made for me. But I will tell you the truth. If it sounds bad maybe we should change it so others don’t have to report this kind of shit?

That would make me

Happy. Progress.

Guess my Daddy had a stare. Now Mama sees him staring back at her and not me?

Ludicrous! I hope not.

Exile sucks.

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