What makes a good writer?


Writing ability?



I’m not looking for world acclaim.

Im looking to get my sharp point across.

And to deliver it with the force I also was stabbed with.

I want to make you feel the confusion and turmoil by dragging you backwards through my recounting the steps.

So you get the point quite cleanly sliding into the mind of yours. I’m using my point at a laser to cut these dumb ideas out of your mind once and for all with the unapologetic, just like I got it, truth.

Doesn’t feel good? Well to bad. That’s how it was given to me. You can’t water down the medicine to hydrate the masses with cool aid like Jim Jones did. I got it messy. You loose the affect of I neaten it up for you.

A good writer conveys a feeling. Except no one like this feeling do they? No. Kind of made everyone in the room just read and move on. Not many who like the taste here. Which is a good sign I’m hitting the marks for sure.

Kind of like amazing grace when sung without music in a stadium.

Riveting. Bring tears and silence. It takes the wind right out of the sails and makes the boats stop out of respect for such a song sung to the tune with nature. Bring us back to what matters at hand.

You’ve watch this writer in the making make her point and no one really said a thing. Yet. All stopped up from shock. Realizing how naked they all are as I stand clothed with the truth along side my sister and brothers who have stood for this long enough. Long enough.

All of us together make a new council. We are using our free will tickets to spend on the future. Or at least I am. I can’t fix anything without help. But I can point to the issue and raise the red flag and throw it down on the field of our dreams, the adopted wish to go home. We wish for help in this task.

And yes. Society will listen to me now that I’m old enough to speak the words I spoke crying as a child without the words. No!!!!’ Stop!!!! What you do to me! Now! Take me back to her arms and leave me. She will be fine. I know what I am here for please let me do my job!!! Damn all of you!!

I’ve played this so called love game and it felt like hate.

How many times must I say it or write? I don’t care. I’ll write till it changes the script for us all.

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