There is so much we have missed.

Adoptees miss.

Reunited adoptees and their Mamas continue to miss. The mark.

What mark? Unity. That’s the mark.

Adoptions telling a tall tale about family and yet?

Me and Mama are disconnected bad right now in the real world. I’m trying to bring my deep connection to the worlds plain sight. Which means, Mamas at a crossroad.

Stay silent forever? Or fess up to what I’ve been saying about she and me. The mark is to show the connection is real. To lie and deny it at this point is only going to make things worse. Like digging heels in.

Mama and I have missed out. Mama Jeans missing out. Two silly woman that just don’t get it? How fabulous it is despite all the messes along the way and stress and worries covered with prayers and medications. Thick.

They both care so deeply and yet keep trying to hide it. So silly. This is the kind of love we need to see in the world. A love that won’t give up no matter how crazy the situation. My Fathers would not wish for us to fail.

There’s so much more that can be created and the days of missing out can stop. But. Unlike how I got into this? I’m actually respecting my Mamas rights and petitioning them personally in publicly to unite.

I’ve spread the family shit on the world. And at the core. Was love pushing the shit away. Not easy. But I’m no quitter.

My Moms are destined to meet in this lifetime. I’ll stand in that.

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