I’m free because of Mama

Think about it.


Blogging free. She’s not even stopping me.

I imagine Mamas got a right to be shocked.

If Mama gave me wings then what am I?

A free bird.

Who. From time to time, flies to her yard.

Lately? Mamas been acting strange?

And I felt like she needed reminding that I am not some dream girl. I’m a real person.

With needs of my own. She called her own shots. Not mine.

  • This bird has been chirping quite clearly once you realize the contexts.
  • I’m Mamas dove. Sign. Her storms over. But she can’t keep me bound to her ideas and could just let me be me. I’m not like the girls in this thing.
  • I’m your free bird daughter. No shame in that. You chose it. And I love you.
  • Sue my manufacture if you’ve got a problem with me loving my own Mama so much? Lazy bastards? This girl knows the price she’s paid for me.
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