This love? Silences Adoptions voice.

My love for my own Mama. Still alive and kicking within my being after 56 years. Nothing.

And I mean nothing. Not even round up can kill it. Not even my own Mama calling my big sister to slam a door in my face can kill it.

Yes. When you’re adopted? Your love for your own Mama will take a hit again and again and your own Mama will even question it. Don’t back down. Don’t buy in. Don’t listen to anything except that love.

  • Our Mamas have been lied too. Infected with trash. Don’t listen to her. Don’t stop feeding that love back to her. She’s starved herself and is sick from neglecting herself a war if signals that have gone way to long. Unanswered. Ignored.
  • Our Mamas are brainwashed. By adoptions lies. Don’t buy into them. Ever. Focus. Mama needs ya her children yo wake her ass up when her alarm has been left to long going and going and going. Like a ringing in her brain from each cell that was stretched the fuck out trying and staying connected to us.
  • Covertly. Unconsciously. Naturally. Mamas just do this. They stay connected cuz that’s what Mama are supposed to do. Until help can be found or grow up. Either way? It’s an inside job for sure.
  • Dot stop taking about your parents. Unless your not safe to. Then talk to them in private. Prayers work. And god delivers those words and prayers. Gods listening even if Mamas all wacked out from being lied too!!
  • Listen to me your now sister who’s tested this with her own Mama and now reports her find is and she waits for her own Mama to confirm that she felt me all along. Like some spirit hanging around her all day long? Waking her in dreams at night. Me calling Mommy!! Her hearing it and thinking she’s going crazy. Yeah.
  • Fuck you adoption!! I’ve got my own Mama who’s helping me. Wake her up. She knows what she needs to read to wake her up. I’m not some lunatic. I’m a daughter? Like please. Look at me again. Thank you.
  • Working on my own Mama right in front of God and everyone!! Fearlessly working. Working. Working praying. Writing. Loving. Yelling at! Triggering! Blowing up! Alarming. Alarms on. Turn off. I’m the alarm. Hello! Starred after I left Mama? Alarms? Ocd. All of it!!
  • And you all reading or whatever. Trolling here. Just watching. Passing by while a daughters trying to ask you to help her wake her Mama up? Can’t ya say anything helpful? Like she’s a good girl? Look at all of this?
  • People think I’m just? What? Love writ g crazy shit folks don’t believe? Oh yeah. Love it. Just. Love it. No. I do not love this part of our story. I’m working for the reframe and happy ending. Duh?
  • Obviously? Hod wants you to help me and Mama? And not just watch in silence like always? Where was everyone in 1963? Or whenever I was born? I’m not sure of anything with my Mama acting like this? It’s rattled my cage and I’m trying to find solid ground for ya to build from? Ugh?
  • As god is my witness. This blog is here to heal and do no harm. This blog has shown me my Mama is wounded? Hello? Doesn’t anyone even see that? What shall she say after this long? Ouch? Seriously? A public apology would be kind. And an
  • Honest gesture? Am I some criminal who spilled all our beans? Shall we just waste them and not clean up the mess? These are adoption beans. Magic beans I spill to break a spell over Mamas who swallowed the lies. Beans every adoptee has to spill and break the spell adoptions had on us all.
  • Yanking for all my soul is worth to drag that hook line and sinker back up and out of my own Mamas soul?
  • With words guys? I am attacking mental strong holds as I type. Yours too. I’ve seen the light!!
  • Mary mattered at Jesus’s death. Mamas always matter. My Mama gave her power away to me!! And I grew it and have brought back her harvest. Lord help these people and Mama see? Please.
  • So blind. Make these eyes work. Allow folks to see what I see please. Make it so Lord.
  • Silence the lies. Use my truth and my adoptee siblings truth to set us free about this. Enlighten us all Lord.
  • My Mama gave. Shall she remain silent to me? Shall get tongue not work any longer? Lord. Loose Mamas tongue and heart this day. Set that woman free. Bring her to me now. I ask you. And thank you for such a Mama. For allowing me the full floor knowing full well I would mop it clean enough to eat our feast upon it in the sight of all to see. She and Me. And Mama Jean. Everyone. Drinking tea. Laughing at adoption. Who dared. To mess with Linda Marie Brown.
  • She had me at hello. All this? So what now.
  • God brought me home. On a silver platter Mama. Tarnished so no one would try to steal it. 🤣 only you have that kind of eye to see my value. Now? I’m an antique. So I know you love me! 💋
  • This love? No limit. So they got 8 right. It’s all rearranged and yet right. Names? Dates. All connected anyway. Soooo. God. I’ve told the story of Mama and me and have mesmerized people. All true. A movie about love. My life story. God made sure was a hit already. Lead me like a lamb to a slaughter to you Mama.
  • You can stab at me. I will bleed and god will heal me and I’ll love you more. Like some love superhero? Yes. Strange to be me. But true. What’s a scare anyway? Proof you survived. And are alive. It hurt Mama. It hurts now without you. I won’t lie to make you pretend to not feel it. No more.
  • No need to lie anymore about it.
  • Ouch. Ouch!!! Damn that hurt!! Son of a bitch!! Piffle!! God bless America!! Ouch! Ouch. Ouch!
  • I’m done holding back cuz people are not enough? I’m more than enough to make up for the slackers around here? I’m pulling a lot of weight that’s not mine. By choice!! To prove a mental
  • Point! Point. Poke poke poke. Slice. Stitch back up like. Surgeons knife. Changing the minds of doubters with my life story about loving my Mama so much. Turning Mama haters into lovers. Hear me now.
  • People love me. People. Love my Mama through me. Easy Peazy. I can send love to Mama still. Right now. People can’t help but love me? I’m a lot like Mama. Everyone sees it but Mama? 🤣 Stockholm syndrome I imagine?
  • Head in some kind of vice of thinking a certain way so long. Repetitive motion being rerouted to a new habit. Sly. Stealth. Meticulous. Peace by piecing her mind back together. Sewing all the long strands of energy that had grown to maintain connections? I’ve moved a lot guys. And traveled.
  • It’s like this. My sensing was magnified to the point of being able to kind of allow Mama to remote view when she was not scared that she was going crazy due to the visions and dreams she had? I allowed it. Prayed for it. Her alarm at my blog proves she felt and went through it to me her daughter. Which is extraordinary. I’ll admit. But true.
  • She can verify when she’s ready and feels safe too. I’m making it ok by admitting it. This evidence is needed to change minds about how we are handling children’s lives? Did adoption want me and Mama to work to hard together? Cuz? There’s extra work. And you can’t avoid it? And people? Don’t seem to get it and call folks crazy? For say taking drugs? Before during or after? What else is there? But take the child back and Adoption has made the rule that is no?
  • My question is? How did we even get here? Read it? Sounds crazy from my side? Cuz no ones even ask my side? Hello? Grown woman here standing up for her child rights? The criminals are those who don’t listen to the children? Grown? Or still small? This is our world?
  • Adoption sucks. The people caught up in adoption? Triad? Are going early believing that this is good? How did we even get here? Moses? No!! Pharaoh! No one felt with pharaoh! Who’s pharaoh now? Adoption!
  • This one issue had it been dealt with by the grown ups at the time who lost their inner children at the Passover? Needed Moses? A child? Come on man? That read weak? Why? A child? Are grown up brains disabled? May be?
  • Or? Has no one figured out which buttons to push and what to slice open yet? Has no one figured out the wiring? And reworded what got twisted? And dint have to hang on a tree but in it and grow up adopted?
  • I hung on my families tree stamped adopted.
  • Don’t tell me I wasn’t crucified alive!
  • Banished to walk while people judged me for why? To face that? For every child on the planet? Veiled a child rejected by many? Right? They. Meaning people tried to throw their shame and dismay on me and I did not take their bait. But learned a lot about what people think it means when you’re adopted and how to straighten them out about it.
  • And even straightened my Adopted Mama Jean out about it. I pull no punches. Unless zones trying to punch me verbally that is. I’ve learned to harness my anger and use it for good out comes. Like this. I’ve stayed true to myself. Despite the haters and lovers who have tried to bind me in their books and record me all misquoted. I will be understood.
  • Not many speak the language of love. So? I’ve had to mix a bunch of language into this blog to catch as many as I can. One doesn’t have to just pierce a veil. I can just stab through it and make you wince for a while? Like a cat. Playing with their prey that they don’t eat. So friend who doesn’t get cats yet I guess? Like Mama who locks hers up and keeps them outside. Sheldon!! I love you!! And Ferrell kitty!! I’m trying to get Mama to let you out? Yes. She’s gotten weird. She used to love cats in the house and now Sheldon sits eating bugs off the house windows with seldom loves or treats? 😩
  • Yeah. Mamas just fine! To busy to live. I’d say!! What is she doing and why? And why is she not sharing it with the grandkids? What’s with that? Ben like fancy pans? Let him cook and wash them so he can learn how to treat nice pans? Doesn’t Liz have nice pans I ask and why not if so? Mama? Buy her some while your alive!! Hello? Die giving to the family Mama. What does it profit us if you give yourself away and we are left with just knives and pans and no memories cooking with you attached to them?
  • Seriously Linda Marie?
  • I’d love to take your cooking class! Sign me up! When and where girl? I’m in. I’ll create a page and share it with 9 more. Maybe the girls will come too. We can record it? Keep it. Like that is the kind of stuff I want to be typing about?
  • But no? Taking everyone’s trashy mindsets out cuz no one learned how to clean their minds out? That’s what I get to do. Cuz I’m ocd too!!
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