No more denying such a great Mother daughter bond.

No more Mama. No more denial of it or us.

Team has no I.

I will not deny my bond with you.

I will not deny my sensitivity and ability to sense your need.

If the devil wears Prada. Clean the closet.

I wear boots made for walking miles and miles to see Mama. The real Mama. The whole enchilada Mama. Prada won’t do.

Need to let folks see those lovely feet of yours.

They are lovely. You should be told that a lot.

And that smile in the morning with your hair plopped on your head. Robe. Slippers. Coffee smiles.

Oh. The things you think about yourself when I’m around girl amazes me.

Awe. I see the you you thought you hid away. You did hide her away. Far away where even you could not harm me? Like I can’t smell a wounded spirit miles away? In my own Mamas flesh. Really? Doubt. Such a simple energy to overcome with love. Doubters are believers just waiting to happen.

You have been ripe for Gods picking. Girlfriend Mama. Be on time girl. To your own harvest feast. Don’t get stuck in the dark hallway. You have to do the walking. I’m just encouraging you to keep facing the lights. It’s a hallway Mama. A valley of shadow. Go towards the light. What makes you feel light? Think about all that and pining all day and tryin to play it cool? Til death? Whatever woman?

Stop it. Now. You’ve held ground. Now let go. The grounds got you now. Rest Mama. That mind now. Peace. Be still.

Look at me. I love you silly? You’re such a hermit. Just come see me or pick me up. I’m free now. We can spend time together. And really update ourselves and revel in the glory of love. Gods love. Beyond the valley.

Come on girl. Get up. Your ready. You’ve always been ready? Not sure how it got this bad? But no worries. I will risk looking crazy so you can just see how crazy adoption made you act?

And me? Feeling so bad cuz I loved you so much despite what folks said? And was not quiet about what folks said and used it as a tool to change people mind about you. And who you always will be to me! Yes. Upset is a mild term used to express discomfort. Seeing and hearing people say what’s been said about you? Rough to witness. Naive people saying such things to make me beat their asses on Tuesday and mop the floor with them on Sunday!

Ugh!! My goodness. I don’t back down Mama. Least of all about you. People say what people say. I say what I know to be true. Can’t back off that. Truth sticks like glue. They never forget me. Be. Linda. Thanks for the mental skills. Thanks Barbara marie for helping you when I needed more than you could handle and it jammed your mind up. Yes. It was me drawing on you Mama. All along. Thank you for not denying me that. 💋

God works in strange ways Mama. This I know after loving like this and then finding you. Like wow. Linda stamp all over me. Miles away growing wild. Coming home free. Mama overwhelmed at what she authorized to happen. When she signed me off. God gets to do what God wants with me. And then gets to show you there’s no mountain high enough to keep God from getting to you girl. 💋🤣

And that’s the blessing and the Testimony OG Gods love through it all. All alone growing. A child who loves you? Ironic! Such a mind blower. What’s coming at you? Love. Pure. Unadulterated god sent, created, nurtured daughter Mother love. Despite it all.

Some crazy ass weird love from Venus or somewhere? Who knows? I’ve got it bad or good. And? I’m not ashamed of it. In your face. Faces.

My whole being knows who goes where in the order of my life story. Mama needs to get her mind right about where she stands. In my world. That’s her world now.

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