Message for Mama.

This is from Daddy to you. Receive it please.

A ring don’t mean shit girl. You affected me deeply. Just stop. This is me.

Go back. Get it right.

I apologize. I was a dope to let you go.

A dope. Dip. Dumb ass.

I let you down. Fucked up big time. Excuse me.

Truth. I need to make it right. And gods letting me through our daughter.

She loves you Linda.

She hates me making her write that.

You need to let the past go. Remember our good times and enjoy the daughter that came of that time together. I am not ashamed of who came to be from us. What’s the number? 3. 300 dollars I gave her and told her I accepted her full heartedly and that she was no regret. Betting she would tell you one day and you’d get the message. 😉 300 down on our dark horse daughter.

3-100 times Linda.

He knew about me. Gave me the movie series, Anne if Green gables as proof he knew. Stephanie Anne. My youngest sister is named after me Mama? He knew. He loved me cuz I saw who you once saw him as. Accepted him as he presented.

He had respect for you. Said nothing bad about you. He focus on me. Getting to know me and you I guess? It’s was very natural. We had an instant understanding. And connection. He also was very keen on David for some reason? He sent books and all kinds of teaching help for him.

So. Something common there with Phil’s comment about David. You changed him.

He did not play me. I did not play him. We were solid when he passed. I was grateful for 3 years of knowing and have access to him. But feel him a lot now that he’s gone from the physical.

And yes. God using me to get you to see it from a wider lens than the past. Love goes on Mama. Babies come from love. Gods love. God loves you and gave me to you first Mama and you shared me with another. She’s not selfish.

She’s just protective. She’s Fierce about Linda’s daughter. Which is respect. For you too. And for Daddy. She’s holding it together to meet you. It’s gonna go great.

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