Quite trying to put me in a box

No box can fit me.

My mind was unhinged at birth. Wide open.

No going back. Back to what?

This is me on the inside out.

Flipping my script.

It pains me my Mama is not please?

By all my facets.

That she struggled to lay down our old and embrace our new for fear of looking crazy?

My goodness is that old idea still

Hanging on I ask?

It’s what you and god think at the end of each day that matters.

Yet Mamas still hung up some how it I would not be writing about this that I feel. In my guts.

Something ain’t right. In Lindaville.

Lord. I’m coming to the throne for Mama. I am asking that you send the Holy Spirit to Mama ASAP. Please. Lord fill her with my love for her. Push anything out that say different.

Get Mama out of her box today lord. Set her free again Lord from this prison she built for herself long ago. Help her make a step towards the door. Show her in her mind the way. Tear down every strong hold that has exalted itself agains your words. May you grace defend upon her house and remain always present to her and anyone that visits.

Send busters to Mama. Marcia. Send Marcia. Send friends. Send flowers. Lord. Help Mama see me right. Help Mama love herself in me.

Forgiveness must be received. Help Mama to forgive herself. I’ve forgiven her. For. Gave. Gave ahead. Always giving.

A daughters love is forever. Even if you hate yourself so bad you can’t seem to see the love.

I’m not messin around Mama. This is key. You and me. And all of us.

What’s our message Mama? As this crazy family? What’s the lessons?

We got a few girl. And we are teaching right now. I’m a good teacher. đź’‹

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