I just love leading. Mama

I just love being the character much like the mad hatter. With his crazy hat. Displaying his mental prowess. All cock and brilliant.

Alice the observer. The fool. The teachable child within. Manifest in her own mind as a dream. With many messages to decode.

So real. So vividly technicolor. Sooooo John Depp. Deep. We finally got it right.

Oh John!!! Oh oh oh. Sooooo. So!!

Men call woman crazy?

Yet Johnny boy looks a little crazy?

Laughing at himself.

And beguiling Alice.

With his messages.

Who’s to say?

What Alice decoded.

What’s and where is your own message woven into that story?

Is it dark or holy?

Either way.

God there.

Satan is a costume god puts on to help us out.

Of our own snares.

The dark place that only a mind sees within as God plays our worst nightmares before us.

And shows you the plot twist created for you.

Gives you the holy flaming sword pen of your red ink.

Says write it out dear.


Written down with the ink of your heart.


With the ones you came to identify with.

All hinted by one truth.

Love conquers all.

Warrioress. Standing together.

Protecting our Mothers Earth.

There is no other realm for a woman.

We walk this round table.


We won.

Inside us.

Our body’s bare our scares

Creating valiant creatures called children.

To help us win lives holy war.


We shed the blood first.

Jesus she’s his mothers blood as well as his fathers.

Was he really accepted?

I would dare to say not.

He was a supreme scandal.

On societies mindset.

Was dated to be snuffed out

Jokes on us.

These body’s and minds of ours.

Need to grow

And Mothers must all be honored and recognized for facing their own worst nightmares surrounded by the very pieces of herself.

Holding special space for Mothers to step up to her new throne.

Garlands of woman and their children.

After Mamas long review of herself.

Lights from these precious pieces.

Glowing towards each Mother under cover.

Sending our messages all around the planet.

As their children wake up to say thank you

We see the missed marks

We who have eyes to see

The heart of this matter.

Honor thy Mother

And in so doing this.

Honor they father.

Who watches

Love the Mother on every level

Even when she’s so down and out and got herself in some mental gutter?

With a toothbrush cleaning her messes up?

As children do

Turning her own knives she showed us and?

Giving that girl the makeover of her life!!

All inclusive

Mother make over.

Woman with excuse me, big dicks inside them.


Able to grow huge enough to create more?

Oh my!!


We got something a little more right than those who’s genitals hang out?

Maybe? Hmmm? 🤣🤣🤣🎸🦋

All we really need is a sperm donor?

Or do we?

It’s you all that design your own roles as the men here.

What say you?

For your actions?

Any detours or course changes you all might need?

Take a moment. Look around at your collective selves?

What’s the percentage? Of things you like?

And things you might change?

That maybe woman are doing differently?

Where is the merger of your mind?

Where does Mother fit into this equation?

Is she watching? Or participating?

Yes. It’s a dark question?

To ask yourself?

How is the males species doing?


Evolving too? Maybe somewhere?

Possibly with mother and children?

What are children to any of you?

Wallets filled with pictures?

Telling stories?

Omitting story?

What say you?

To yourselves?

Where have you been?

We’ve always wanted you

Why are you so damn needy?

Like use your words.

Find more words.

You can do it.

Do you want to?

Let me write this.

With our founding father now being impeached for his behavior?.

What’s really on stake now?

Who’s burning themselves?


You know?

It’s only takes a tiny beam of light to remove the darkness within us all.


So blisss

Then truth beams in

And restores life.

So many angles


To gaze into

Beyond my own Mamas wing.

And I check them all out.

Broadband mind.

How else does one find the best routes?

Our body’s

Sensitive unique

Able to sense

Able to also interpret.

Not judging.

That’s mental.

Just receiving.

It’s more like a bingo from something else you sensed.

Those sense memories talk to each other.

Receive what’s the same

And let’s go of what’s not truth between them

Now I know this is complex for many.

It’s quite a deep phenomenon with us.


Our body’s. The animals we ride in.

Much like Avatar

Our body’s cry for nourishments

Defines by needs.

It’s how we do that that counts.

What would Mother think?





To what?

A woman fights along side of a man. And she can still create life?

What’s the lesson here?

She’s can do what you do and bleed or create life?

Many faint at the site of blood?

And woman rejoice in it each month.

Pamper our lady scare

You left us.

After tasting our apple.

Have you paid enough for your pleasures?

Always looking for a good deal?

Denying us our share?


As we spread our wings?

So you can come inside out of the rain of your own deeds coming down?

Fishers of men. Woman.

To heal the wound

Rape culture

You raped yourselves

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