Some people are born to be thorny

Might sounds painful to be born a thorny person. Might sound crazy or weird to own your thorniness.

But when someone down and a fire under the bury won’t get them up? A thorny person can cause them to spring to their own defense.

It’s not an easy thing being a thorny person. But if I was a soft pedal to lie on I’d get nothing done except being a bed for weary people to rest.

    Thorns when used well can prick a wound so it can oooze and heal.
    Thorns when used well can scratch an itch
    Thorns when used with care can pop a bubble of illusion.
    Thorns when used bring healing
    Thorns when used by god can wake a person from a lethargic slumber.
    Thorns remind us we are alive as they cut and show the blood that flows in our veins.
    Thorns when worn like a crown can show us a natural king who hung for people who could not take the needle pricks of their own misguided ideas of who they thought they were.
    Thorns remind us that life not always about comfort when change is needed.
    Thorns remind us how precious a rose really is and protects the rose from being crushed.
    To crush a rose. You must bare the prick of a thorn.

Jesus is a thorn. A thorn in the mind of society that still pricks us and still proves that thorns have a purpose.

There is a purpose for a thorn of you can take the time to bleed.

Thorns are a warning.

Thorns are a testimony to life’s preciousness.

Thorns are good. But must be handled with care.

Thorns keep a plant alive. And make it hard to eat them.

Thorns shade a plant and protect the plant from heat.

Thorns are cool.

Thorns protect against the cold.

Thorns don’t bother the bees and pollinators who help the plant with thorns to reproduce.

Thorny plants protect a home from


I’ve protected those I love with my thorniness.

My thorns have pricked egos and popped bubbles of perceptions.

Thorns are natural.

Sit on a thorn? And you’ll never forget that thorn. It will leave a mark. To remind you of your own disrespect for a thorn.

Step on a thorn and your toe will hurt. And will make you wear shoes to protect yourself. Which of you really think about it? Is a good thing.

Thank you thorns for teaching me how precious my life is. And thank you thorns for helping me teach Mama how precious a life came from her.

This thorn that came from her.

A protector.

A precious rose surrounded by thorns.

It’s all how you look at the thorn. It’s all

How you take the needle pricks that determines whether you will protect yourself and learn to respect that thorns as you gaze upon this rose.

Thorns protect life.

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