Family? What’s that?

Family is a word I’ve dreamed of.

Family is a word many tell me about

Family is what I’ve seen in many

Yet my own family abandoned me when I needed them.

My family turned away while I hung on this cross

Kind of like Jesus.


Dumb founded


To scared to step up and help me carry a load.

Do they even know what I mean?

Do they know what I am going through?

Do they even see. Me.

Or do they like the taste of their own ideas of who they think I am over the salty taste of the truth?

And I won’t say what’s going on here.

And they will pay. In their own way for not even giving a shit.

It won’t be me.

I forgive them for each day they turn away while I carry a load we all could share.

I’ve cared for them despite their ignorance.

Their unknowing.

Their lack of learning.

As they try to tell me. To get help.

And they turned me away when I cried out for them to help.

I don’t have all the answers.

But I know two heads and more are better than one.

Close minded people have caused more ill than this open minded woman ever will.

Words. Words. Words.

Yet I’ve shown up. Time and again to try to begin again.

Just to find a closing door.

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