Capricorn’s work ethic is insane. In. Sane.

Epic. Elephant in my room.

I do the work. Will you? If I? Can hang on this tree and bare all before all, just like Jesus?

Will you change? Will you? See me?

Where is that freaky Virgo that God made me from?

Hello!! Knock knock goes the door of my Mama heart. Bang bang beats this drum of love.

Thronging the throngs of god’s heart or love for my Mama??

Peek a boo. Boo pee as I used to say all twisted up. From a brain injury as a child still connected to the Mama she came from. Who refused to let go of the mind and soul she came from!!

Tap tap tap. Singing my song over the wires. Like my Daddy’s genetics activated at 12 with the hitachi stereo playing. What?

Barbara Streisand. A star is born.

One less bell to answer.

On less egg to fry.

One less. To pick up after. No more laughter.

Mama. You don’t need to pick up for me now.

For it’s me.

It’s you my love my soul that rang my bell so long ago.

And I asked in kind.

Learned how to fry an egg the best.

Worked my tail off to rise to my guest.

And I now pick up after you

The bread crumbs you gave me.

And made you some humble pie.

Sit down now. Rest dear soul I came from.

Your child’s now mother you.

And filling that cup up.

At your banquet of honor.

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