I will say this…

To anyone triggered by what I’ve written. And pointed towards my Mama.

Tornados blow away what’s no longer needed. Tornados blow away what’s held onto you to long.

If my words can make some block? Hide. Run. Scurry? Then what that says to me is my Mama was not as clean as she thought. The blood of Jesus is the blood of truth.

I’ve just come home and been myself. Observed. And spoken up and blown anything that held my Mama down. And turned her on her ear and cleaned her brain out of all that was not our ultimate truth together.

I’ve not edited. I’ve just allowed the words to flow so that all she thought about whatever to blow away with my wind. Gone with the wind style.

People do get upset. She was set up for failure if she saw anything but beautify when she looked at me. The mirror of her reflection. The mirror of who she was. And now who she’s become.

Walking around her life with shit in her tangled hair and mascara from days gone by. While everyone around just treated her like the emperor who was naked. Laughing.

And now. The laughs on them for not seeing the beauty I always knows was uniquely her. Beauty from the ashes of what was. Turned and spun to gold at last.

Because at the end of the day? She’s who I came from. And yes. I’ll fight the death that’s tried to deem what was made from her as a mistake or ugly or crazy. And I kicked that demons ass.

For Mama. Crazy? Means they don’t even understand the beauty. Of you and me. 💋

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