Virgo. Fully healed and reaching peace.

Exactly what this daughters wanted for her Mama. And God’s so loves my Mama. God bore a healer from a train wreck to bring the medicine.

Life’s crazy. The story twisted and turns lead to gold, to a woman who gave birth to her healing so long ago.

I’ve ticked the boxes and closed each door. And marked them. Need no more. Satisfied. Closed chapter. Mamas now whole. Healed.

That’s all. I’ve known my job and done it in spite of the challenges. Because I know why I was born.

Weep is you can. Let the tears flow. For the wound is no more. And a scare is born. Xoxo

it’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. And I’m feeling good.

I don’t need my Mama now. She does not need me. But if we choose to want each other we are now free to begin again.

If my Mama is at peace now. Then so am I. And that’s a karmic lesson learned. đź’‹

my father. Took her wound. Dead. Nope. His spirit lives on. And he sent me back to right his wrong.

Mama did not expect a man who took something so long ago to come back and take back what’s wrong. To leave a gift. Who’s stood strong. A girl. With the soul of a warrior. To fight those demons and set her Mama free.

Bandages cover. But love heals. So nothing is needed but a scare to remind her that god’s still on the throne.

And now my family. All of us can feel the residual of what healing truly is after a storm.

The Bible talks about the narrow road. And this was ours to journey and climb to higher ground. A promised land now won with sweat and blood of this lamb.

11 denotes mastery. The dead wood has been cut away and the fruit rots to feed the flies Mama. Be blessed now. Be at peace.

And our story can now bring so many hope of their new day. You don’t have to understand it all. But I have purged what’s held on for my father needed to clean up his mess.

And I stepped in and stood tall as I could to wage this war and calm his storm.

And the Phoenix is you and me. Now rising from the ashes of yesterday to greet the new day on fire and freed.

what have I been writing about?

A clean slate. A karmic change. The clearing up of the record book. The releasing of a slave of an old story.

It’s quite beautiful. Poignant. Graceful.

When we do the work. And work the word. We rise to our fullest potential.

I’ve spoken what you could not. To purge the old. Untie the knots.

Let’s this record state. Loves war has been won.

I would never leave us this way. I summoned my fathers. Who help this to be won on your behalf. I bore the cross and they took me down and hung them selves. So that we could be free to move on.

just watch. The weights fall off. As time moves on. You’ll see what this crazy girls done. 💋🦋

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