The collective of we

The collective of we maintain this place. This cell we call planet earth is we. We are not separate from this planet but part of it.

Psychosis is to loose touch with reality. It’s time we expand our mindsets and tear down strong holds that keep our collective progress back. It’s time to burst free of many things.

Mask of flesh are we that house the spirit of we within this place. Walking pieces of consciousness called human. Humane is how it should read.

And the collective we are being called higher in our thinking. Faced with our collective fragmented truth.

My Mamas are part of the first to get the message I was born to give. It’s bold. Brassy. Classy then dirty like Mama Earth wants me. True to all the energies. And accepting that we collectively always have had the power that unity brings.

WiFi. Broadband. Ethernet. Get it.

Connected. Connections. Matter and must be maintain and clean. Or? Like my Mamas? You’ll go astray and need a Sheppard to guide you back to connect again and again. Your lines will need a surge to purge all that disconnects.

I was created from Rape culture!!! But I am not rape. That’s the part of you that takes without giving back. My Mamas saving graces is they gave all back.

Yes they squirmed as they had to walk with me through all of this. Watching a world that said it still ok and never got the message Moses meant to freedom. Bow. Now. Before the planet you owe your life too. Submit. Get out of god’s way. Crucify that flesh that thinks it’s a know it all.

The galaxy needs us we. To expand to step up as Kings and Queens of this planet and not just poppers without any knowledge of our true cause and affects.

Pay attention today as you walk my earth says Mama earth. I’m the ground you walk on. Recognize me in everyone. Because I’m there. And that is the test. To see the spirit of God within we works to rise above the flesh.

To go beyond flesh and connect like never before. We are tired and so is Mama watch us lay down. Leave babies hungry. Ignoring Veterans laying on streets who gave their all. I am sick of hearing those dumb asses prayers.

For if you pray you know your the answer. Faith without works is read faith. But instead your money and value where that tongue lives and do something about it. Write a check. Go make a meal. Few and far between us no longer acceptable to me. Your Mama earth.

We are an army of love warriors waving flesh and DNA programs from days gone by. Dragging each day yesterday like a blanket of some comfort because we’ve done it that way.

I your queen Mother will wipe this slate forever. This is my warning. Get inspired as I turn on my own axis. Get ready for the ride of your life babies grown up. Mamas holding on. Now you. It’s show time.

It’s time for change.

Buckle up. Safety first. Get connected. Submitted to this authority you seem to have forgotten RULES ANS REINS!!!!

Father god’s standing by. He’s tired too of hearing all this complaining and little explaining of what your prayers are gonna dooooooooo. His belt is ready and he’s gonna turn you on your ear and jerk that blister clean.

How could you!! Ever not see Mama? How could you even consider that we did not include me a feminine!! How dare you ever!!

Make me have to raise up a Cardi B from the Bronx to flash her boobs and butts to get your attentions!!

Kid Rock my prodigal son. Smells pigs cuz he’s hinting for Daddy gonna bring home the bacon and show you how. Cowboy singing messages from my front gates!

If you even want the holy sporty Mother to even come home and touch you? You better clean up this homes messes and do better.

It’s time to grow the fuck up.

Don’t edit me ever!! I made the words. Use them. Fear is not of me. Flash flesh smell of fear. I say go away!

Remember. Who’s your Mama. Surrender.

You can check out but never leave until you learn and lessons through out time as we all evolve and grind it out.

Stop cutting the flesh! It’s all in your minds.

Get connected. Let go and let Jesus fucking drive your tongue. Get it all out. Hold nothing back.

It’s time to purge this shit away and do better.

Get pumped up. Stop being so little. Boo hoo. Yeah things have changed! I’ve taken a few home again and they soon will return in new flesh masks. Will you recognize them or stay deluded.

Mork your Mindy. Crazy is normal. Adapting is key. Can you even dance to the song of change? Lazy loser denied. Get to working.

It’s starts when you own the lessons and do the work. Do something. Try it and see. Test me I’ve said and said. If I will not? Yes I will open my heaven and pour out the blessing into your minds eye. Cuz it’s you doing it. Fingers of god walking this earth doing the bidding of the queen and king.

Lady’s first bitch.

How dare you demean a Mother! She’s rocking this world in her hand. That’s what’s holding us and spinning. The hand of a woman twirling and twisting. Spinning the future generations within her frame. Labors. Produces.

My anointed. Get ready that sword sharp to cut the mindsets out. Dead would hanging like a turd. Cut with a mind sharp enough to understand this message. Do no harm.

No ears need to be cut off this time so that Jesus has to put them back. Get it right disciples of this queen Mother and father. Jesus never left.

You just killed the vessel he rode in. Martin Luther. And maya Angelo. All my servants. And so are you can you even rise above their highest? Now?

Clean out your excess. Send it to someone who needs it!! SHARE!! hoarding is useless unless your collecting to give more and more.

You want better? Do better. Quite crying now.

Wipe those tears. If you have nothing give from your need. Watch me. Test me. Street walking lovers need to help clean up. Those hands are not for handouts unearned by faiths movements.

With all the homeless on streets this place should be clean as a whistle!! Don’t even cry to me if you can clean up your needles up mess. It’s not McDonals fault you live like animals and can’t even use your day to make this world better.

Don’t sit in that hi rise and look down on your brother. So down to the gutter. Before I throw you into the stench and make all of you tycoons drink the water poisoned with round up.

Rules regulations change when we clearly see the law suits coming to take that poisoned mindset down to think you can pump nature to her breaking point and leave the earth barren of nutrients. Growing food void of nourishment. Blind malnourished yourselves. Damned yourselves

I am the queen of your harvest. Pay attention I’ve been talking. Shooting. Fires raging. Storms taking what I the queen will take because we are all connected.

I refuse to be drug down to your gutter. Clean that shit up. Remember who you are. And never forget. Again.

Love, Queen Mother/Father/Son

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