One step closer

Let’s have a review.

who played this over and over taking your ass to school?

Better watch it girl. I’m your commanding officer.

Don’t just be a bitch girl/boy

Be a bitch with a purpose.

Not just a bitch

Giving every good bitch a bad name

Your drag us down

With your fake as bitching

For no damned reason

Use that sword rightly

I am you god damn Mommy.

Don’t wag your tongue like a dog.

Have I taught your aaa nothing?

In all that I do.

Don’t even think I don’t know my commanding officer orders when’s she tire and worn

And needs to sit her ass down and take her fucking break!!!

As her hearts aching.

Starring at children

Instead of an army

Looking at people who’ve benefited from her loving protection.

As her orphaned child

Clearly displays her Prowess

As she Wields her sword and shows her Mama her own test

Fuck the rest.

This soldiers tried and true blue.

Is not my first born standing in line up erect

Faithfully. Her fire sign lights lit up!!

Activated soldier of the planet!!

Connected. And example of my willingness to get the fuck out of Gods way.

Just like my own commanders who are tired of talking.

Rested and ready for this harvest.

I stand. And have take Mamas helm.

While she sips on wine!!

And watches the dancers

She eats the fatted cow as her trained prodical daughter/son has brought the meat home.

She/he wallowed with the pig to gain his trust

Then slaughtered that that fat cow

Brought the bacon home for daddy/Mama

Who sent him/her to school of hard knocks

Tried and true Mamas remember their own learning and stature

She knows what the hell she’s made of and who’s cooking up the future inside the oven!!

Let me hear you say it people.

Mamas are good people.

I’m done with complaining.

You think I am wrong this.

No. It’s a poem song from the mothers.

Channeled through this orphaned.

Take up.

Child of god

Who’s learned her lessons.

What the duck else are you doing?

Just laying around like a dumb ass?

Like don’t let me whip you to quick.

Bitch didn’t you practice how to use

That knife?

I’ve chopped it. Wacked at it.

I’ve cut a few off

And sown a the back on.

Cut the fabric

Made a dress.

Cut up some lipstick stained shirts

And cut a few dicks off. To make my Mamas point

And learned the lesson of cutting it out.

Up. Bring that shit


But don’t come home empty handed

When commanded.

To show Mama what your learned while

Out and about. Watching some lazy ass people.

My army gag are low key

But it’s time to speak up

And cheer them on with honesty

To give them My Mamas review

To encourage them on to fall down

Wallow with that pig cow

Ignorance. And cut her out

Serve it up just right

Making gravy. And biscuits

Sour dough pancakes

Celebrate all the leaRning

When you fall down get up.

Your the sword if you must

Stab at it. Swing this way and that!!!


It’s just words!!

Words matter!!

Everyone changes for worse or better.

Don’t stay there

My Mamas have eyes for seeing

Hearts that beat strong

Wishing to be seen

And yet not used to such attention

She finally sees all the learning as

I take my sword of truth

Pull back the veil

Give them a big long peak

Of what the fuck they affected in me!

Sit down haters

Reframe it again

Come to me right

Then left bitches!

Dance that dance. Itch


Shift that shit

Reframe it. Bitch is a great word

When you came to fixing change the world!!

Sing it

Again and again bitches!!

Own it.

Suck in this program

Get activated for raw

Swords sharp shine

Held high for all to see

Those seriously enjoying the game



Who cares how you spell it!

Are you in or you out

That’s how it goes

One wins and one blows

Clean you mind

Dirty it up again

Get that soap out

Procreate it

Fuck it

Is not a bad thing

It’s all how you be seeing it

Mind me

You know who the fucks in charge here

Sit down.

With me

I’m showing you how.

To pay honor

To the greatest commanding officer of this world!!

The lowest is the highest bitch

Hair is your crown

Mines silver now

Tell me?

Not don’t even

Let me tell it to you bitch

Sit the fuck down

I never loose my crown

I grow it everyday with my pleasures

Again. And again

Sit the fuck down

My Mama felt this

But was trained not to say it

But Dady taught me


In the garage

When Mama wasn’t around

Swear like a sailor

I’m done with piffles hiding the f words

Let that shit out

My sword is curing my Mamas tongues free

Raw. Instinctual

Warrior of mankind

Learning hard lesson

Dumbasses be tripping

No. She’s steady


By a family that helped each other tow this line

To erase it

We tasted

We changing it

Tried and true


I saw it right and left. Up and down

And all around

Bitch I’ve see all sides

God raised me


Just to teach and teach your ass

Lite them ass on fire

Retired hell no

We play

Don’t even stop

Own it

Your part.

Don’t be a fart like Daddy’s

Get with it

Follow commander Mama

Bitch sit down

Don’t even


I don’t know what’s what

I bow

I lay down on the ground

Low low

Low as I can go


Showing my crown

All the jewels won


Celebrates for value

From my vagina

Mind sets learned

My hard lesson

She ain’t no fool

Silence is golden

For my silver hair

Shines like a nights heel

Don’t hate me

Reframe it


Get over. It

We all

Feel like a digger

You don’t own the word

It’s mine


I said it

Best believe.

Program it bitch

Own it

The futures in your hands

Even if someone else hold it

Own it

Programmed it

Winner status

Chicken dinner Status

Bacon to be eatin


Good for brain

We eat the fat of the pig

Intelligent make our statements

Dumb asses don’t get it

Must I say it

Don’t be a dumb ass

Mamas counting on you.

Daddy’s still learning

Don’t blame his ass

For all that he lacks

Tell him

Slap his head frying pan

Like gram me

When Pop Pop showed out of line

In front of the children

No axes taken

After my children

Without paying in mental


Damn right I Mama am owning

The marks the sword makes

When wielded with wisdom

And well learned verse


Still make sense to those hearts

That stay true


Following big Mamas instructions to her letter

Blowing her away

With all the loot

Learned walking about

Smelly from wrestling with pigs

To bring it home.

Daddy’s knew

Success was coming

Don’t be hatin brother

Your days coming

Don’t wait for permission

Prodigal learn the hard lessons

And bring them home to big brother

Holding it down

While is learning about a fat cow.

Tell brothers and sisters

No exclusions

In or out there a hard lesson

My Mama sent me to learn

She knew I’d teach one day

Could she even know how

Praying for karma

Working busy

Doing what god told her

Commanding her stages

Showing me how not

And how too

Owning her placement

Like royalty mixed up with a gester

She arrests you

Attests to you

The true you

Within you

Exposes you

The spirit



Respect that spirit

Don’t get all wrapped up in the game

Remember me

The earth you came from

I will do what I will do

You follow

Get adapted

For the planet

Is the mission

Of each spirit

To save

11:02 pm channeled collective message.

Share. Right infinite. We all benefit. Smear this around if you can fucking read a message and know we all need this messAge.


Blown away right now.

So blessed. To having been orphaned to learn so much.

Y’all are lazy and crazy if you thought this was anything else but my story all wrapped up in your own trauma didn’t see me being used to trim the fuck out of your worth savings!! Shavings? Mamas laughing. Like wow scratching? Holy cow!! We did that? God did that?

Twisted for the goods

Gravy’s coming home

Dancing and tripping

All drunk of Holy Ghost wine

Bringing extra

For serving the family’s elixir

Mama sent me to his store

Took me a while


That’s damned cow

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