I’m pretty sure

I’m definitely sure I’m wrestling with the demons of my own Mamas mind. Cuz I’ve got faith. I’ve been through a lot. I know God’s on both of our sides.

But until Mama calls me? I will write back and forth until the wall between us is gone. Pride has no place in our relations. God does not want us apart any longer.

Coming up to speed about what’s going on is key to crucifying the flesh that can’t seem to see. And Mamas cut herself off from me with her own mind. A mind so filled with lies it causes her to block me. As if she even can?

My blog shows exactly what Adoption did to her. And what it does to me her child. Trauma must be processed to be able to see that blocking does no one any good. It’s just perpetuates more of the same.

So. I write. So she can read her way back to me and face her fears. And oh, they are many. If she can’t see me as a blessing then we got an issue. If she can believe so willingly what others say? We have an issue.

Fear and doubt are like fly paper in the soul. And I’m standing in faith in public to call that out of her. Today and until she’s free. Not on my watch will the devil eat my own Mamas mind alive and keep her from the blessings that are within me for her.

Some would say and have said, “give up, she doesn’t care” but I her child know better than that. As a child of god I know better than that. And I use the sword of god’s word to carve away what’s not truth so she can see me properly.

None of us know when. But I will be on record for standing up to say in public, ” I love her deeply and never forgot her”

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