Oh? I sound crazy? Ha ha ha!!

Well well well. To bad Linda. La la la la Linda.

Why not say? That sounds crazy instead of trying to label me with your disease. K?

Living a life as a woman with 3 girls when ya got 4? That sounds crazy to me.

And being the secret agent of change here watching the suit show has been so much fun coming home to madness and folklore.

My sister. My own sister saying shut like, “you have a mother?” Fun fun fun. Delusions of sadness and madness and family ignorant of their own siblings truth. Nice.

Tra la la la la. Crazy is your word not mine.

When I am done here. Exposing the lies. The world will see the crazy while I go free. After dumping this shot that’s not mine that you try to pour onto my name to save your own.

People need to know the truth of Adoptions delusions. They need to see the psychosis left in a Mother and her kept children when she walks away and tells her own self stories that are not grounded in the whole truth.

Tell me who I am? Ha ha. No. You all told me who you are. And I faced it. Faced what you all chose to do about me and watch how you handled my daughter. Go on throw me under the bus to save yourselves. I’m cover in blood.

But hey! No worries. You just do you. And I’ll do me.

Hello? There are two sides. And until we reach the middle ground where I stand, your all way off base.

The proof is in the pudding of the family dynamics that are split to the core. I’m just calling it like I see it. Cuz that crazy is not me.

I can clean it all up. You all need to clean up too. I’m here doing my work to get rid of the poison you tried to pour on me.

And yes. I have hope. Hope for a family so off course thinking it is me. Mama chose this and she can’t seem to own it and clean it up.

I go to counseling. Do all of you?

Just know this. If I can see it? So can everyone else. The only diff is I say it and they just stay quiet. Cuz they don’t care and left you crazy. I give a shit to confront the behaviors that like a cycle keep going round and round.

Exclusions on all levels and it’s not me doing it. I watch you teach my own daughter to exclude? Way to go Mama. Way to go. That’s your shit not mine. Buying into a bullshit show.

But at least now I really know where I came from. And that my daughters got her shit to deal with to excluded by her own hand and mouth from me.

Must be so fun for her without me. I wonder what story she makes up to tell all the people about her own Mama? Hmmm? So interesting.

Cuz at the end of each day. I thank God for all my children and pray she will come back to all her senses and thank god for that day before I can even see it. All her actions are on her. And she must own them each one just like me.

My actions were always love. As I’ve faced all the shame laid on me, standing tall for a Mama that gave me away. Facing the people that told me she did not care for me.

I will have the last laugh. When I stand one day beside her, when she’s woke up and walked out of the mist of yesterday to meet me. The real me and not the fable.

That day is coming. For Mama cane fight god’s will forever. She will have to bow before her king. The scriptures are clearing the air between us and stand true to the end.

I am a gift. That’s what is said.

So crazy that. Or just keep looking crazy yourselves to the world I drug your ass out to show you all too. The circus. Is all of you.

I’m just the reporter. I’m a minister now. My church is the world. And my Mama can’t even call me. But that’s just whatever in god’s eyes.

God uses me to help people deal with family relations. And help them heal from abandonment and sorrow from messed up Mama and Daddy’s that could not see what they were doing to their children.

What will you say to god? I’d love to be the fly on that wall. But I’ve got work to do. This world needs someone like me who can face the dragons with them and not send them on some goose chasing trip to no where wandering round and round. Blind to the truth.

Love wins. Truth wins. And grace come when we confess. No confessing? No grace. That’s the fact.

Mama sent me away. And god took me up. Good luck dealing with god on that. As your life is all jacked up due to your own inability to connect the damned dots.

Call me crazy? You look crazy denying a child who’s loved you all along.

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