Give it to me Mama.

I’m Begging my Mama to set me straight.

I think it’s a great birthday present. Cut it off. Not me off.

Mama? God’s talking everywhere? Songs. Videos.

Think about it Mama? 4 daughters? One is missing? Has been cut off? Does that sound like balance? 3? When there’s 4?

I’m feeling out of balance. Is that what you want for me? Me feeling out of balance?

I’m the new baby. Angela’s a Leo. Your moon is Leo. Our lives are synchronized. Do what you got to do. You have my permission to be your wonderful self. Including the bitchy you.

get down with your bad self Mama. I’m

Backing you up 1000% you got me?

Do you really wanna shoot me? Or? Who’s the ones that need shot? Or may I say? Slice with your sword of truth? Set the records straight Mama. No one will deny you your truth. Write it here. No one will come against you without dealing with me.

I’ve prepared you for this time. Says God.Remember that shit. Write it here if you like. I encourage you to do so. It’s liberating. Truth does set one free Mama. I tested it for you. Before you. Our tie is forever.

I’ve given you all info I’ve carried. Sure shot Mama.

Your Mama and Daddy say hello. They are helping us. They are amazing Mama. I can’t wait for all the stories you’ve saved up. I’ll make the popcorn and bring some wine.

Secure in your power. Everyone one of us girls are Earth signs. We ground you.

Yes Mama. She’s said freaks. I went there. Your old enough now to be a open cougar.

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