How hard can it be?

To try to be like your Mamas. Like how hard can it be to cram them both within me and allow them Both to shine out?

Maybe? This video can say what I stumble too?

Maybe? My own Mama will see and finally understand her girl’s heart? So full of love. So misunderstood. Just trying to be like my two Mamas in a world that cuts them up like paper dolls.

my life ain’t worth a shit without those two woman full seen for the avatars they are to me. That’s my truth at the end of each day. That they see me. Looking at them. Wanting them to see me trying to be just like them.

I am appear crazy and out side of my boxes. But that cuz I’m trying to get their attention the best way I know how. So they can see the me trying to show them I’ve grown up now.

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