Mama? Your Facebook pic?

Mama. You need to take a new pic on that Facebook. Your looking away? Or like your spaced out. I know. I put it on blast again. But? You blocked me? Or did you?

Anyway. Here’s a pic of me you can practice. And go outside where the mountains are. What a great backdrop? Maybe in the evening or morning?

I love you. Get with it girl. And post some of those great recipes you make? Maybe even post some pics of the cooking classes?

  • No. We are not going back there where we were?

  • And I’m not back off you either.

Why? Cuz I love you? And it time we play and have fun Mama. And yes. We can even do that without even talking. 🤣🤣🤣💋👆

Remember who I came from? That’s right. You. I’m you on steroids baby. So. Let get with it.

Here’s a practice video. Let’s see if you can see yourself in me now? I do? My facial expressions are spot on without even trying Mama. 🤣🤣🤣

I’m just here to inspire you. 💋💋💋🤣

oh? Painting on dead old wood? Sounds about right! Let’s recreate some stuff!!

mama! Get your groove back!!

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