I wonder.

I wonder if my own mother

Ever really sees

All her man did for me

When he bought her a house

While considering everything

With such care

A place so rare

So beautiful for her worn eyes

To look at

Through window panes

Reflecting mountains through glass

A kitchen so amazing

So she could cook up all she wished to

While viewing such splendor

I wonder if she sees

A man expression of love

Knowing her pains

Needed reflection

And a place safe for her resurrection

Surrounded by beauty

A place full of duty

  • So she, filled with all her memories
  • Could fix what needed mending
  • I wonder

    Does my own Mama see

    Such love of a husband

    So rare

    So caring

    To find her a nest

    That she could fill with all

    She wishes to remember

    And a place that she could heal

    All those wounds so tender

    So she could find room

    In her heart

    For even me

  • I wonder
  • Does she even know her address adds up to a seven? Which is her own day of birth added together.
  • Does she even see
  • All that man did for me
  • By being so thoughtful
  • To my own Mama
  • Even down to carving
  • Out figures
  • To
  • Show her
  • Anything
  • Can be turned into
  • Something else all together.
  • Even us
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