I have the right.

I have the right to say what I wish to say, however I say it is my right.

You have the right to not agree. But before you go get on your high horses and ride away, consider this.

Back in time. On the day of my birth. I had to, was forced to, listen to what you had to say about my fate. At that time my rights were denied and not even considered.

No one asked themselves, ” how will she like this? What does she think?” Cuz? No one thought I could think? Well? I’ve grown up to tell ya. I thought and felt. A lot. Inside my own Mamas tummy all curled up within her ribs. Not wanting to leave her. Because the world sounded crazy apart from her heart beat.

So. Please stop and consider your stand after you consider that. Ok? I did not come to settle for what others said back in some old movie picture in time, telling me I’d be ok, I’d be just fine without my own Mama by my damn side.

You don’t even know me if that what’s on your sick mind. Cuz I came out crying for every child just like me. At the top of the lungs my Mama and god made for me!! Right out of her loving gate that the world said made a mistake, I was screaming!! “I will have the last say!!! So help me god I will, Mama! And I will come forwards to get you Mama. To prove them all wrong!”

My first breath each day is because of that precious woman! Right. Wrong? Who cares. All I know. At the end of each day. I draw a deep breath thanks to her body that mine came from.

This love

Child. Knows not does she desire to learn any other way. Just. I will trigger your own gun with my words and make it go off. You will run. And hide. But just remember. God took me up the day Mama let go. So? God’s on my side. And my words will make those triggers go off any way.

If I had to learn all this about loving a Mama. Well then? You do too. Wipe those glasses off. And look again at me square in the face.

She’s there.

Preserved inside of me.

Looking back at all of you.

And don’t you ever forget that!

She prayed my way.

Not even understanding what she did.

So I came back to carve away the lies.

So she could see her truth.

Inside of me shining back so bright.

Like the flame of liberty as she stand in our harbors.

I see her. The lips. And eyes. Her gaze. Her ways.

That nature that force everyone Wild. And won each person heart. Pure and untampered even by her and fulled with her prayers. I walk this earth as living proof. I am not a mistake.

I waited a long time to find my words to use them on a planet that can’t seem to see all the connections. I saw the light way back in the day shining bright from a broken heart within me that lit the way for me to find her light that is like mine. To shine it so bright. That the lies would go blind and wander away from Mama heart. Cuz loves come back to stay.

She’s in my children. Her light shines. I made sure of it. I always stoked the fires she lit with her prayers.

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