For real. Work. Healing means work.

cycles. Cycles. Round and round. Just like this earth travels. Victoria.

Oh? And I stand in proxy for all y’all! Yeah.


remember sister. You’re a Capricorn too. I did come home for your ass!

Cunt or no cunt? I get shit done girl! 💋

sisters always bitch! I got you. I saw your ass at the get go!

Yes. Everyone prayers get answered. If they can believe. And take my hand. What is there to be scared of now?

don’t even tell me that I’ve not spiced it up? And made your brain hurt from working it!

Fire those synapses up!! 🔥🔥🔥🌪🌈⚡️🌟

and I know the right buttons to push!

Pay attention to the lions gate Victoria. Mamas moon is in Leo! This is destiny.

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