Cords. Cords. Cords. Cut at long last….

I put an ad in the paper after the voice in my head said. It time. Finding my way back to my birth would prove to be my toughest challenge.

But? I was born for this. To disconnect from an event that happened is key to step into who you are now.

My Mamas made it clear. And that’s great. No use looking into a mirror that you came from any longer. It’s time to look into the mirror of who I became. Which forever cuts me off from who I would have been at all.

I am way more than my own Mama could handle. Passing me off was best. It was not easy. But best.

Why would I even want to stay with a woman who made my body who could not embrace who I am inside?

And going back to face that was rough? No one likes looking at that. But we must to even be able to move on? Cords that bind and bound me genetically must be maintained and trimmed so we can all grow beyond the event of our beginning.

Facing the woman I came from showed me all I had become beyond her ideas of who I really am at the end of each day.

Thanks for blocking me and standing strong. Slammed doors lead to open windows that birds like me fly out of.

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