You need to make sense?

No. You need to learn to make some sense out of this crazy world? Ok? Ok?

I’ve heard that many a time. Make sense. Complete sentences. What does that even mean? Don’t tell me. That’s not the point.

Babies babble. Let them babble. They learning about language. They talking. Don’t Interrupt them to edit? Seriously. How can anyone even grow if cut off all day long? That statement can be slapped on a lot of things we do today??

All in a hurry to tomorrow cuz we suck at today? Hello. Let’s own it. Journey sang. It’s said. It’s about the journey?

Let’s go back a minute and dig out of the trash? 40 years wandering? Hmmm? Story says everyone was complaining? Hmmm? Sounds like nothing’s changed? It’s been way longer than some 40 years? How long it take?

The promised land is today. Make the most of it. Forgive. Let go. The power is now. And each now after. What will this now be?

Sure. Look at the past references. And choose better. Go higher. The universe supports our decisions. You wanna live in the gutter? The universe will support that. Yeah? I went there didn’t I? People will give money to street people so they can live In The gutter or whatever.

And sure. The universe supports actorS and singers. We choose. Gutters are great places to find content for songs. True. Loretta Lynn found content at home. And shared it with the world. She chose. And The universe supported her.

I’m supported too. So are you.

What’s really no good? Is it me? Or is it you? Or is it just an idea that’s worn out her welcome?

Let’s let Linda sing it to us.

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