Mal nutrition. Why do we do and eat what we eat?

It’s not what you say. It’s how you say it. Said Mama Jean. Bang bang bang. Hammered into my head. Yep. Knife swings both ways like a sling blade.

People get attached to their melanomas. Fact we must change. Beginning in the mind.

What are you eating all day? No. What’s you reading and watching? Why you so hungry? Pornofeast. Facebook gossip groups. Private. Of course. Is that what we calling a click these days? Hmmm? Ok? Felisha! Kesha! Boo. Hop hop hoo.

Derangle. Untangle. Balance that mind nutrition!! Pay your attentions yo what your body’s paying attention to? Loonie tuna tiny titty committee.

Mal. What’s that word mean even? Let’s see what I go in my pandora box? Hold on. I’m digging? Let’s see? Yeah. I think this day it.

Malcom ex. Mallus. Mal content. Mal? Hmm?

Let’s see.


Hmm? Unpleasant degree? In a fault? We in a fault? Mal nurished is at fault? Yeah. Yeah. Machines need proper nutrition all around.




Yeah. How do you do feeding all three? Yes you read that right bitch? How do you do in all three? Balance is key.

So mal nutrition is nutrition that’s faulty to the unpleasant degree? Yes I do see that trending here on the planet.

What we gonna do? Go ahead and starve?

Here is a recipe for emotional nourishment to help us all stay away fro

Nightmareville. Do we really need to keep replaying 1969? Over and over in time that’s unending? We can call time. And change. This is personal. For everyone. Yes dear. There are others here. Fragments of the same. Who need to be nourished too.

Do we blow them up with guns? Or feed them back to sanity? Have you ever met someone who’s malnourished? Well? We all have and we all have been the malnourished. I came into this world malnourished.

My Mama struggles to maintain while carrying me to term and my mission. To be abandoned and adopted and molested and on and on. We all have that kind of story. Boo boo. Hoo hoo.

Had this world been safe? I would not have ever felt like that after well meaning people spewed their malnutrition’s on me? Like yuck people? Y’all a mess.

Oh. And I know I have your attentions. And no liking. Cuz I’m ringing the bells honey. It’s time to go to church. You don’t wanna come to my house says God? You don’t like what preachers be saying? Ok?

I’m coming to you on your world wide webbing blogfeast Facebook twitter fly by nighters snap chatting up in this instagram wordpressing press press!

Thank you Cardi b. For the introductions.

Try this prescription? Below? Pill popping dumb asses. Snoop doggy smokes weed. He ain’t tripping. Pay attention! He cooks with Martha at the plantation! He’s leadin. For a reason. Kathy Bates. All white up in snoops hood. Smokin weed. Being friendly like? Folks supposed to who’s my children?

Forgiving. We all done something around here. No excuses!! To much for ya? Awe honey. Maya Angelou even got it?

You want free school when we all gots to pay for the ur orange dumb asses who wasted their own families money learning nothing.

Engage them in conversation. It doesn’t always have to be about work. A simple appreciative question, plainly asked and listened to (“What did you enjoy doing over the weekend?” or “What do you like best about the work that you do?”) can go a long way.

Notice what they do well. “Expecting” others to do well isn’t enough and noticing it can rarely be overdone. “I noticed how well you led that meeting” or “I noticed the courage it took for you to speak up on that issue” will instill confidence.

Celebrate milestones on the path to greatness. Your team is working hard, and it would be a shame to let the small successes go without commemorating them in some way. Ask them what they’d like to do to (perhaps with some guidelines) as a team, follow through with the best idea, and invite the team to celebrate together.

Coach your staff on their development plans. This requires time and effort, but will pay off greatly over the long term – for them and for you. Schedule regular meetings to help them to create and take action on their development plans separate from the annual performance appraisal.

Feedback your criticisms firmly but with kindness. Do it regularly. The best of your staff are craving to know if they are off track before it’s too late. My favorite feedback tool (because it’s memorable) is Situation (describe what happened as close to the event as possible), Behavior(describe the behavior you observed), Impact (describe the impact on you/the organization). Use it well and often.

We can no longer deny that emotions exist in the workplace and that people crave nourishment. Why not feed and appreciate them (out loud) more often?

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