Typos and misspelling, just like a child learns to first walk…I am writing…

Do my typos make you want to fix me?

Do my words make you want to edit me?

Do my steps, however wobbly and fragile make you cringe as I just type and keep going?

As I leave you wonder? Did she mean that word? Or another? It does not make sense?

Growing up in an unconventional world, as an unconventional girl?

I feel liberated as I type and speak what I wish..

My own Mama has been silent. Respect.

Does my blatant disregard for decorum drive you mad?


Has my table turning thrown you off a bit?


We all need to be turned over at times…

I was turned over very young, 2 days old.

And thats ok. I adjusted.

And if you reading my words cant handle my adjustment?

Well, go stand in line.

Ive had to face many who just did not understand.

Labeled, unlabeled, whatever

I am me.

Sometimes I think, everyone should be relinquished, then, everyone would understand how important a mothers efforts are. once her sweet smell and voice are gone. And you long to hear her again and again.

And God in his humor, makes your voice like her and you don’t even know it unit your 30? When she calls on the phone. You hear her, and realize, she was there all along right inside you. xox


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