Victoria Lynn!! Pay attention to the story lines!!

Learn your lines you silly thespian!! Sca? Training? To dress your sister? Seriously?

Oh. You’d rather be a scullery maid would you? Slinging hash to ungrateful children? Sounds so fun? 😩

I need your talent! And flare! Seriously.

Let me write this piece of a poem to you darling. I wrote this. And claim these words strung together. Thanks for accepting I get the credit.

Ok. Copy rights first dear. 💋

It’s no big deal

It’s no big deal

It’s not big deal

I make shit up all day

Let go

Move along

Walk it out

Sing this song

Go on fall down

And get back up again.

Be a clown

Play a fool

You truly can begin again

Trending a new vibe

Refrain to reframe it

Get up

Twist it

It’s no big deal

It’s no big deal

Mama already covered us with protections

New directions

I make shit up all day

Redirect it

Expect it

To get better and better

Go on. Just do it

Like Nike swish on leather


Turn around

Wave goodbye

Go higher

Wave your goodbyin

Listen bitches!

You came to shine

Yes. You came to shine

Like diamonds

Like ice

Excuse me?

Bitch you came to shine.

Copy right owned by Stephanie Anne Brumley (Tidwell), Belinda Jean Fowler,Ramey, Gayheart, Arnold) daughter of Linda Marie Halterman, Brumley, Brown. Copy right time stamp now. 7/18/19- 11:13 am pst

Now? Bitch please? Buy some collagen for god sakes and feed that brain? I need YOU! 👆👆👆👑queenie. To dress me. Your sister queenie.

Might take a few more minute for this all to sink in? Maybe Mama can help you? All this silence is golden. But I’ve got work to do.

God’s calling and your the one.

Will you be like Jonah and run?

Get over yourself. You really think I would forget you? Just? Forget? That voice I heard from Mamas belly? Ha ha ha ha ha!

Mama? But her the collagen peptide please! And get some for you too.

Think more highly of yourself? Calling me a cunt? Oh please.

Don’t think for one minute? Mama didn’t know I’d have the power to pull that shit right out of you as soon as you got the door? Don’t even lie. I’m Mama truth sayer.

Oh. Mama saw herself that day. Dealing with your ass? For her. At the dinner table. Sliced and diced and julienned. Like she likes it!

So high and mighty you feel in front of our own Mama? Pride does go before a fall. I saw it with my own eyes with my own Mama. Dealing with the flesh that struggles with changing. Yeah.

I know who’s I am. And where I come from. That woman is sacred. You better bow now. Like I have. And spit it all out. Like I am doin right now before her good graces. Leading your ass by her examples!


Watch this and learn some lingo girl. Keep up! Or all drag you! We are connected dumb asses! The ties that bind said our Grammas. Now our angels guiding us home. Using my body.

Ask Mama who I look like?

Huey. Her soulmate lover. Oh? Don’t tell me she can’t see him peeking out from my behaviors? Winking? I am chosen. Duh? And I take my position seriously. And have fun with what Mama gave me.

But I’ve gotten over it. Have you? Could my story have triggered you all? Even Mama? By my accurate accounts? Mixed in with my crazy antics? Hmmm? A story does have powers for healing if used like a surgeon. Yeah. Mind surgeons cut precisely to promote growth of the mindsets inhibited after my leaving.

Oh. Who do I think I am? A piece of this puzzle that’s what. A key piece. Of our own Mother. That’s who I think I am and know it with all my being? Who do you think that you all are? Hmmm?

Mama will have her blessings. And we all will be a part of this amazing love story! It’s time to celebrate what our Mama made with a man known of you know and yet who is typing through me now to his lover our Mother. How dare you. Mistreat my darling!

Get in line. Because my father has waited a long time to show this woman what love’s got to do with it!! Whoop!

Press press press press press.

Mama gonna get some press.

Kill um all. But those woes to rest

Walk in bullet proof vest.

Linda Marie made a mess.

Pop up guess who bitch!

She ain’t even tripping.

She dripping.

You better see her from all the angles I do? Or she gonna pop you. Hard.

I’m the warning shot master.

Ahead of my game.

I hear the calls

I answered

That AOL email call.

OG Mama

Calling in her blessings

Let one birdie fly like a dove

While she floated in an arch of protections

On the high seas of her emotions

Praying for dry land

Her dove came home with an olive branch

Hope springs eternal

From my Mamas own body

Back to herself

At just the right time.

A daughter bread of pure intentions

Bring hope and new directions

I made everyone pay for what was done to Mama.

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