Try inhibit my Mama? She ain’t an OG? Ha ha! I got ya Mama.

I got your back. Throw your backdoor aol distressing signals. Mommy. I’m a hell of a back in harmony’s. Resonate with your highest goods. Brought home to the tables. Remember. I carried those grocery’s Mama. Gave a sign of my respects. Driving all the way from California. Cuz I knew you’d being needing me to help ya. Bring in the groceries. Ain’t god extra ordinary? Amazing.

Just the time you threw up your hands and let loose of me. Threw me to what looked like a fire! Sent those cursing to the winds. Disturbed my atmosphere aura colors all over me.

And all your prayers all around me. Thorny. Bony from holding me up for protection Mamas. Both to be mentioned. Two amazing warriors. Full honors for twice the celebrations. I know I was diving deep into your Pandora’s box! ? You know you let me.

Take all I wanted and needed for this journey back to you with way more than you gave me Mama? I’m being the whole planet once our story catches on! I’ll fix it. With the help of Mother Nature’s. I’ve followed the highest queen my whole life. Instincts are a gift. And we all have them. But they must be exorcized.

A curse word. Is a demon if captured and not expressed. Think about it? Would God damn us for a word? Or hoarding the word and hiding it? Does not God know how we always feel? If the Bible says? God is within? Then that is a clue written in old English? Language? Translating? And yes my writing has a Rhythm so it’s easy to remember the tenors.

Frequency’s collide and for Melody’s and harmony’s. Words. Songs. Written. Sing. Sung. Guide us all. Yeah. That deep. Chew on it. And allow your own self to be untethered. Like? Of course there is a wireless connection? Steve Jobs has been directing us all to that realization. What is this contraption that we stare into? Are we all not joined here looking within ourselves and a screen? Lens of perceptions. What apps do you practice? Why?

Why is everyone exercising their minds? Hello? Because it works our connections? Our communications. Strengthen connections. That’s why I like to connect with everyone.

The point is to not get to set in your mindsets. And Mama needs to stay connected with her other daughter thank you? And her children? Thank you. Chelsie? Made the effort. Good in her. The others? Why should they? They see how you all treat me? The other two accept me just like Chelsie accepts me too.

Should they come hang out with peps that don’t invited their own Mama to hang out? Chelsie’s got patients. Bless her for that. Bless all y’alls hearts for even getting to know her? And your crazy if you even think she’s not kept in my connections? And she watch all of you. Got to know you. And watched how you all chose to think of her own Mama? Seriously?

People that don’t have issues? Make connections? I’ve connected to each one of you? So where’s the disconnect coming from? Not me? So many thoughts of all of you I e taken and turned my prayers into a blog?

Oh me oh my? Crazy? How did she do that?

  • And typed up the answers? How else to argue with all of those demons? Inside all of you? You think Mama threw me away did you? Silly. Silly? I’m her secret wake up weapon. We all know how Mama sleeps? She prayed me through. In. Out. All about. That woman prayed. I know that. And so did gran gran. Gramma R. Nana. Mama Jean? Yeah? Same for you silly’s too?
  • Seriously Mama? Did they really think it was all about me? No. It was all about you within me. That’s what!
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