Oh Reba. Thanks for backing me up girl and talking to my Mama for me.

You wanna know about a connection do ya Mama? Even Reba’s singing my song to ya.

You gonna go silent? And try to say God don’t see us? Don’t even.

Life a big old circle. And we always Go Back to God. Round and round. Always connected. Held in place. Spinning round and round. This very planet. Always go back to god.

But I’m praying for your heaven to be here on Earth Mama. Today. Forever. I prayed God give me what Mama prays for! Times infinity!

I backed you up! With a blanket prayer to keep yours warm. Simple. Give Mama her prayers times forever. Lord. Please answer Lord. Show her how much her daughter loves her. Oh. And now times that by three. I want all three of us to win. And flip this planet on her access.

All access. All it takes is the fervent prayer of a righteous person. How many are there? This means time forever. We can forget what no longer matters. Embrace what is is love.

Take yes for the answers to all that fears us. Slap love on it. And don’t stop until it sticks!

People talk about ram roding? Capricorn’s are Goats. God does ram it home in us. Remind us! Love is the constant. The veritable we seek to find. Is my mind just so expanded?

Why does it seem so hard for so many to get this? Pay attentions. Don’t block anything? If more people say other die? Maybe we would change this world sooner?

And don’t give me that oh love look? Love is strong? Every woman on this planet is strong. And is recognized now by me. Beth Chapman reminded me. I watched her memorial. Watch her man go mad. Now left with rerehearsing her lines to remember always what she taught him? How she loves him so deeply and wrongly that her voice is still heard loudly within his mind! Scares of the battle won between them. His queen and crown of protections. A warrior! Of love!! Like no other?

I hate folks throwing trash at me. Mine. So I just threw the trash folks told me away in front of the world to show folks how ya move on from my own memories of Mamas. Excuse me. I’m definitely an over achiever?!🤣twice the Mothers. Twice the achieving.

I came to make a mark no doubts. And first swipes to cut some shit out. Bullshit that is. Get real and raw. Like animals. We are mammals? Has everyone forgotten? Yeah. Mammals?

And as I see it the rules of engagement are contingent on nature. Harnessing our nature is the tasks at hand. Our bodys like animals react from cellular memories. Change your memories. Make new ones.

Yes. I am rambling. I realize that. And? Rambling is good. Round and round and round. Until you get it. Going on and on and on. Til it sticks. Just like Beth Chapman.

We must not give up. Connections matter. Beth made sure of it even before her death? And maintained connections so strong even now her body is ashes. She alive in us all.

My Mama are no different than Beth Chapman to her own children. I listen to silence and talking. Each has it own meanings. Each matters equally to me. And Beth would want me to tell them before they both expire. How much this girl in California cares for them both.

Always prayer for another day with them both living. Well. Happy. Always seeking a good connections. Like a bulldozer plowing snow mixed with the mailman. Can’t stop this train from her tracks of emotions.

I’ll never let go of these lesson my Mamas taught me. Ever. They both marked me. Like read my name? After both of them? Now that’s a laugh? 🤣💋

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