Man the boat. I’m with you darling? Seriously could you even keep doubting me as I spelled it all out? Without your mouth? Step in. Step up.

And help Mama now. I do have a right to back you up.

I just had to get all that shit out of our way. So you could really see who’s been calling on me? Our Mama? Who needs ya now more than ever.

I’ve only come up three time? And got you all defensively close to loosing your grip on your own job? If I can come up and turn you on your ear you were not ready? Steady? And Mama? Called you to come see me? And hear what I said without stopping me? From speaking her truth to you? Backing her up?

She. Wants. You to shine now darling? All SCA style!! Sassy classy? Just like she taught you? Girl? I’m so tired cheerleading a room for of dead folks? We sent Chelsie Lynn our best cheerleader? Where is she now? Cheerleading for herself! Bravo! For her she got the memo!

Leave this shit to Mama Chelsie. Your cheerleading is supreme they just all crazy? Dizzy? In a daze. Bees buzzing? Looking for the queen to guide them? She down on her knees you dumb ass clowns? It’s time for her to retire? And we all must step into her very large shoes. To show her what she showed us? That we all got the lesson?

A piece of her is dying? Not her body? But the pieces of her that are we? Her greatest field of intentions and her ultimate expression of love’s tender care.


Reframe it. Rearrange it? Tear it down? Build it up again. Better. Higher. Stronger because of our own Mamas prayer life In private, now displayed In Public?

She can reprimand us any way as she pleases? When we all need to change our directions after she’s heard new coordinates. From me her dear daughter. Who knew her voice and obeyed? Mama? Is magic herself.

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