Mama? You need to laugh!

  • I’ve got your her haa! Station!! Straight from the streets or Nashville via California? We all know I went there? We’ve all done Lawrence Welch?
  • So here. In bite size appetizers to strengthen that funny bone? After the storm and the emotional flu? Let’s take the medicine. Here. Let me be the family laugh leader? The queens own fool. 🤣
  • 🌹🌹🌹🙌
  • All how ya look at it? It is an honor to bend the queens ears and tickle her fancy’s for laughter.
  • “1994” is a song sung by Jason Aldean. And I just love Joe Diffie Mama? The pick up man!
  • Anyway. Hope you enjoy the cutting up Mama. All public. Your fools following all the others not just one. See if you can see them? Carol Burnett? You? Chelsie? Daddy? I know you see them when your looking at me? Might as well be laughing instead of crying about it all hermit moding it? Seriously Victoria? Do something.
  • Anyway. Play this and get silly woman? Laughter is the best medicine. No dry bones for my Mama. Now get to it girl! Medicine! Now. Everyone. Make Mama laugh. Hello?
  • 👏👏👏👏 chop chop! Mama? Do any of them pay their attentions? Well blow me down then?
  • Missed communications is the strongest I’ve seen! Weak communications skill reek havoc on family relations Mama?
  • Seriously. Now laugh Mama? It ain’t you darling. They all got their free wills to honey. Stick with me. Let’s laugh it off sally! Go on. Let all that shit go. And laugh at it. Find the funny’s and giggle it out. You know how? Do it. Xoxo.
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