Sisters. Ask Mama about the Tarot reading from long ago while I grew within her.

Let us pray now sisters. Together. For Mother. Stop playing ding dong in the astral. It’s really me

Who’s come


Is it possible? She’s still alive in me? It would seem so. And Stephanie simply can’t die.

Could I be a lefty? In a right handed word? Yanked from my station. Rearranged. Made evasive.

Read it and weep sisters. I’m still alive.

Remember this. Poets sound crazy to the lazy speakers stuck in old stories that don’t even matter. Blabbing lines told them. Ignoring the changes all around them.

True poets unravel an old story line. Breath words back in and aspire to the respiration’s of our Mama breath taking.

She’s calling us all together. How long will you chatter along yourselves and leave your own sister on a shelf? Like some trophy? Hmmm?

God will see. That’s for sure. But is Mama pleased? That’s the real question? Mama does not do begging well. She goes to her father and asks for restitutions. Through prayer.

Best believing. I’m ready? Are you all? Cuz Mamas praying. And I know I feel it? Do you even know that woman? Our Mama? Walks in Gods power? She gave. From her belly. And now it’s aching.

  • Will you even help her? Hmmmm? I really wonder? About your faith darling sisters? You’ve sat at Mamas own table? Did you listen?
  • I know I heard? From far away? And heeded.
  • Did you all? Sure don’t look like it? But looks can be deceiving now can’t that? 🤣🙌💋😉
  • Oh? Mama had something up her sleeve and she gave it to another for safe keeping? And now it’s time for Mama to receive her blessing.
  • You can run. But there is no hiding from a praying Mama?
  • 18:18? Wonder who that is popping in to back her own daughter up? Yep. Gramma R is all around you. Hell. Even I can feel it? From California?
  • What this video says is all about you. Not me. Whatever comes up is you. Not me. I am just the mess ender your sister.
  • Shoot me? You shoot yourself. Own your shit like sister here? Cuz? Mama ain’t never gonna quit praying until we’ve all come under her cover?
  • Know that dear sisters? Mama fight on her knees. Don’t even think I just broke her. There so much light someone out of that woman? Even I’m feeling the rays of her sunshine in California?
  • Oh? You think you know it all do ya? Ha ha ha! So naive sisters. You better watch out. Cuz Mamas praying. And that should mean something when you come from Linda!
  • Sit down. Let me tell the stories of being Linda daughter with and without her? Cuz that woman’s tracked me in her prayers for years!!
  • And so has our grandmas. And if you all ain’t believers? Well? Ha ha ha. Mama will change that in her prayers.
  • Do your history ladies. And ask Mama about me. I double dog dare you.
  • Don’t worry. She’s been waiting to tell you.
  • Do it over pizza. And remember. It’s not Am way.
  • we are nothing without honoring our queen Mother!! Nothing!!
  • Bow your knees. Or let them be broken. For My Queen Mother shall receive her honor. With. Or without you.
  • you haven’t been able to even see me? Standing beside her have you? Blind as bats and without any senses? Lord Jesus. Help my sisters fat after eating at our own Mamas table of love for years? She cries tears for you dear lady’s in your waiting’s?
  • To blind to even see. Mamas living inside me?
  • Victoria? Stand up and be counted. Lead these woman without senses. Back to pick up theirs pieces. We all don’t need to loose our heads about it. Own your first born powers. Stand up. Come out of your shadows.
  • Because I always saw you as a queen. You’ve just been looking at fool hearty sister for way to long now. Look into me. Your sister Valkyrie.
  • Mamas always chosen me. Just separated for later. When she’d need her senses brought back to her for this holy battle will be won on all of our knees.
  • SHE TAUGHT ALL OF YOU! Spoon fed all of you, but me? I Heard it on a speaker from heaven and still learned the lessons?
  • I may get stoned and smoke cigarettes? But I’m still doing way better? In pajamas and slippers? Doing the work of the Heavenly Father. My pay is a better world for our Mama to hold her head high with us all on her arms. Not just three. Four queens.
  • Phil knew exactly who he married. My Mama Queen.
  • A king in his own right who came from the willows. Where I built a house? Lived my life out in the places our family lived without even knowing at the time of my moving back into family territories.
  • Aunt Jean? Moreland? Known there. No one said a single bad thing about her? Stupendous!!
  • our Mama toils in her kitchen. Cooking up food for the needy? Nourishes the down hearted. And what are you all doing? Do you follow? Well I do!
  • psychecafe

    I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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