I’m a fly by nighter

  • I am a fly by nighter. Yes. I am. As soon as I hit my pillow I fly. To someone. That I love called Mothers. A place so heavenly where all Mama live at night while our bodies sleeps for our next days work as spirits in bodies do.
  • I’ve always gone there. And it’s sacred my journey each night flying back to Motherland. Where everyone’s safe. And we all love our colors and shapes and sizes. Where love is supremely guarded by truth and humanities.
  • And everyone rehearses the lines. So we remember quicker each time we return at day breaks why we came here. Holy holy holy. Is the lamb slain. Each lamb is worthy. There is no need to die or worry.
  • This life’s got its story. But I fly by night to Mama. And remember who’s I am. Oh glory. Beyond the stories. New stories told from glory. We are the angles breath of heaven. Take a moment and let us all remember. Fly by nighters United in love’s battle not of diets made with steel but with swords made in the mind to the tearing down of strong holds to form better. Eve plutons just a name we call growth.
  • Tonight when you sleep. Remember I told you were we all go. Just to prove my own points. Love is all there is. We take life so seriously and death seems to have more power? We choose to live and die in our own mind its knows the time.
  • So much time about death all around us? Let us clean up our great planet. Lets us show our true Mother how much we do love her and learn our damned lessons? That’s why she sent me? It’s why I chose to come looking like and being labeled like I was?
  • I’ve always remembered flying away at night to rest in Motherland while my body had her struggles without me. We all do. We get attached to our Mammals. Bodies born of Mamas. And it’s ok? To have a longing. For the body is the only thing we’ve not let go with us?
  • Jesus came back to show us? When will we truly see him? In each other? Oh glory. Don’t get stuck in just one story line there are way better. Waiting up yander. No need to change bodies? Take them with you? Come and go as you please through all dimensions.
  • Must I remind you time and again? About time and travel? You would think your standing when I Earth Mama hold you to me? And think we are not connected? Fear not for I am with thee. Have you forgotten about Eve, Sarah, Mary, and me? Thy true Mother is Earth,Holy Spirit is me.
  • Each night it is I that call you home to my womb and feed your spirits. Remember I tell you all at break of day, your manors children. Mind your Mama. Who do you think did all the writing while Big Daddy was talking all of this out dear children? Does it not say? And God spoke? Who wrote it down? Me.
  • Come now. A ball hangs in space. Turns 1000 miles an hour? Holds you close. Counts your hair? Knows how much sand is in the ocean? Rains on the ground so it produces? Blows seed all over this planet? Do you doubt me?
  • I am you and you are me. Expand your mindsets. Mother Earth is communicating to us all. Listen through your heart and allow her to redirect your minds eyes towards our great futures.
  • There is no need of fears. As we all learn and grow. We affect one another. Calming fear with knowledge of our true connection here within this planet. As we all truly begin to remember the magic of this place. And lay down any thought of fear no longer needed.
  • We all focus on Eden. She will appear. It’s always been within our own powers to unit? People just got addicted to conflict. But that’s changing. All around this planet. People are remembering how safe we can be if we care for each other better?
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