11:11. I’ve always known I was chosen

How about you? And if you don’t know that? Well wake up? I knew it when I got here and began growing. I was chosen.

Some people find that putting off? Or off putting? However it’s said. And I wonder? How people go through life feeling so bad? Yeah sounds crazy? Me saying that now? Lol.

That’s what life’s about? Growing and learning and living all over again a new life? My past did not define me🤨or confine me? I grew past my beginnings and can go back and tell anyone about it with vigor? Make you cry tears?

And I use those stories to heal many. To make them see they to are ok and growing as I take my stories and touch their stories? We hold hands and remember how far we been?

Why would God make junk? It’s you that chose to see yourselves that way? It’s your perception of my stories meaning that took you right to where you are? Because. I’m not there anymore? That’s girls gone and yet still remains in my mind? So many people upset? By my story? Is it really just me? That’s the question? Or did I touch something? Tender that needed medicine?

Am I crazy? Or have I just touched you were no one has seemed too? So who’s crazy? Living in a ball called a planet? You think Mother Earth would forget you? Leave you? Oh dear people.

My love is what encompasses you? Air, wind, fire, and Earth your Mother. In a small cafe in the sky I’ve sent out a message. A woman types for me without editing my messages or charging for them.

From a woman named Linda came a woman named Belinda. And her Mother loved her enough to let her go. She never looked back. Because she knew she’d catch up. One day. She’s come home and not even need too. Because she wanted too.

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