God is shaking the bushes.

If your mind is dirty?

  • In the gutter?
  • You won’t even get this.
  • Hells taking notice.
  • Heavens taken orders.
  • From Mothers.
  • On there knees
  • Praying
  • not gagging
  • on testicles.
  • The resting over
  • Mothers are warriors
  • Saints under covers.
  • Lovers
  • Not nasty.
  • Bring life into being
  • Like me
  • I’m seeing
  • Can you see?
  • Or are your eyes worn and dirty.
  • In need of water from heaven to clean them
  • So you can finally see Edens real
  • If we flip it
  • Script it
  • Own it
  • Clean it
  • Recycle
  • Redo it
  • Process it
  • Refresh it
  • Downloads blown minds
  • Resurrected
  • Ejected content
  • Reframe the minds monuments
  • Woman
  • We got this
  • In trenches readied
  • For children who are Angels
  • Sent through your vaginas
  • Holy ocean of nurture.
  • Breasts of fat for babies
  • Spent on pedophila
  • Men’s mother issues must end
  • Our daughters
  • Deserve better
  • Thank mens eyes groping
  • While she pick up the trash
  • Left by losers
  • Who don’t even love this planet.
  • Rocks for throwing
  • 117 buckets marked paid for
  • Trash on the road side
  • Dead eyes of father
  • Sick and twisted.
  • It’s time to clean up this mess.
  • And woman
  • Are
  • The bosses.
  • Xo
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