Oh Tanya Tucker. One of my Mothers. Back in the 70’s

She ripped my gift right out of my throat. As I sang at the top of my lungs in the middle school locker room for my adoring fans and classmates.

Tanya fires me up. And made me sing. Hell? I had no idea how far my voice would travel and that my fans would be a town called Colusa and would send me to Nashville to try. I’ve not forgotten. Nor have I given up.

Here’s to Tanya Tucker. One of my many Mothers and Avatars to look up too growing up without Mama. I found pieces if my Mama everywhere. And I’m bringing them home to show her all I saw like her.

To Mama. And Tanya.

shes back with vengeance. What a tone that woman is she tickles my ears and wakes my voice up. Reminding me of a gift she jerked out of me in the 70’s. 🤣💋🌹

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