Oh snap!! Angels and Angles

Three kings with their jewels. Caught with their dogs wagging. Brought gift to a stable. Caught rapping dear Mary stealing her young fable. Left crying. Growing within her a Kong’s son. Joseph wasn’t the one.

Three kings with their jewels caught in a little birdies twat taking Joseph’s betrothed honey for a ride all three sick bastards. Balls hung from that stables rafters. As a warning sign from heaven and protection. After Joseph set them free.

Paying their precious respects to King Joseph who relieved them of their bullets. They, Paying their own black mail without asking. They knew they had asked for it. And Joseph took to surgeon. And wiped out those urges.

Sanctified now and clean.

Three kings cleaned.

And now able to focus.

After taking from Joseph’s young wife. He claimed his son and denied those kings access. With their own balls hanging fro. The rafters of the stable Mary allowed him to enter into this wicked world.

For it was written.

Would come a king.

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