Loving the woman my body did not come from….xoxo

Like many called  and labeled Adopted. My story is about adapting. To love a woman my body didn’t not come from so much, I have struggled expressing, worked to set free my tongue to show not just her, but the world her value beyond her frailty. She is my Shmom and this I know deeply. My Eagles nest Mama. She’s kicked me out, and taken me back time and time again. And has taught me about what loves really like.

This orphaned body filled with her spirit shines alight in places not seen by a naked eye. Her light has sharpened my own to its blue cool flame. Her warmth has cooled my rain. This woman I call Mom, Mama, Mama Jean, Angel is my lifes fable and story. A single sometimes drunk woman, enough for this girls raising. No hesitating. She jumped right in a raised what Linda made and turned me into an adapted human species.

And I love her for that. And fully understand the lessons of evolving a species takes a village my own Mama didn’t have for me. And how she threw her seed to another and trusted God knew the way. My story is not like others. Ive don’t my complaining, and the solutions so clear to me. Im sharing this story of how to overcome your old story to see the full story was all for my benefits and the benefits of my childrens children.

In 1963 two woman agreed and entered a sacred holy bond for my highest good. And I get all the glory to share this great story of woman in trenches needing woman to help them raised the children beyond even their wildest dreams. To grow up to be not just humans, but citizens of this planet we all call home…..

Love you, you both are my moons……


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