I shook

I shook My Mamas bush and set it on fire!!

I Came out running and telling on liars.

Sounded like yelling and crying

Send from heaven to slay all the demons groping and doping babies to sleep

While they take from Mother Nature without permission.

Respect me.

I am the burning bush fellas that Moses talked too.

Don’t even. Steven, Mor and Harry. Think is this planet can’t see?

You all stink of pee.

Smelling like asses. Taking candy from babies is backwards.

Get the story right. No edit. Or limit. Read the text!

Mary bleed. Three kings in her bed.

Joseph relieves them of their jeweled and hung them from the ceiling stable and able.

Murdered their poison arrows. Humbled.

Kill the man who licks his little baby child. All hells breaking loose on you.

Just like you ordered you will die of your own stupid swords used against the children as such is this kingdom.

Vein of my glory. Bow and submit to your own punishments for lack of confessions.

Father God’s back to deal with lost children. Because Mamas crying and shaking and quaking. What he the signs.

This planets alive and riled up inside.

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