You know? If I’m stuck the whole family unit is?

If you understand science and the higher laws that govern this planet? You realize we are all connected. Being connected means we need to remember we have an affect. Make it count for the highest good.

Like Jesus. Who was killed for his affect? But he’s not dead his affect lives on. What’s your affect? I know mine. WWLD. Not just Jesus. And yet Jesus and anyone that loves to death. What was Jesus’s cause? Anyone? Do we really know and do we even get it?

Mary gave birth to a child that would be remembered forever. A bastard who’s father was God. Don’t tell me she didn’t take any shit about that one? Mother take a lot of shit. And if we took motherhood seriously? And made it fun? We would teach the young all we know. And learn what the young ones know. Back and forth. Learning and growing. Jesus taught everyone a lesson. Did we get it? The truth set him free.

But today. We don’t have to die for it.

Thanks to Jesus hanging around on the cross for us. Reminding us of what was done without knowing. That he died and did not die all at once. Proving you can’t kill an idea. So why try?

Love is the idea that you never give up on someone til your last breath. And that idea would be part of me. Stuck on my family? How sad? Sad my ass?! It’s a testimony like no other I’ve heard? And it isn’t easy living it because most people struggle to live in love. Or even what that means?

I’ve studied love. Love says the hard things. And takes shit for it. Love shows up. Even when late. With a smile, and a desire to just live in the moment for a minute if need be. And always remember that special woman. You came from. Pay your mental respects since no one seemed to want to hear it. While I grew up.

Love can grow in secret. Roots strong and able. To break free of containment. Spring into action. And run like hell to Mama. Why not? She’s still alive.


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