Tea time!!! Chelsie!

When baby wants tea? She gets tea. Even in the middle of a Bomb site.

I mean if I love my Mama so much? How much do I love my children? Aaaaaaaa. Lot.

I can’t even make these reading up. Lol.

Central nervous system healing for my Mama. And a mind sweep and blow out! For everyone. The drinks have been on me. I put it on my holy black card. I got money in the bank! I’m loaded. And all my riches? Yep. In heaven. My heart.

Brought home to my family, my Mama first to share with you all. Yep. Mama gave birth to a crazy love child rich in love.

Humble pie, at Mamas table, after we all went through the valley of the shadow of death. It is a thing. And we just went through it. And now. We feast on humble pie just like I told Mama we would. And help Mama take it all back.

She now knows she’s been dead and was just brought back to life. Thank you sisters for standing by. Mama needed this beating to her heart. And many breaths of fresh air to her lungs from my lips. Pumping her brain. Talking her back from the grave within that she has tended since my parting. So respectfully. And I wanted her to know without a shadow of a doubt. I’ve always known. That she would go and visit me in her mind. And talk to me and cry. Yes Mama. I knew.

And I’ve done the same to you Mama. And those tears and love have brought us both back to life. And out of the conformably numb. Our reunions complete. And God has shown us both how to close a closure moment. This? This…. is closure. Detailed sutures. Fine stitches so that the scare will not show. You dear lady gave birth to your own healing of you think about it right now? And birthed a healer with a mind like a surgeon.

Who knew?

God knew and sent you this gift Mama. God sent me. You just spread your wings and let me come inside for a while. So I could love you and leave bread crumbs inside your mind to guide me to the places in that pretty head of yours that needed the healing. I was a busy baby Mama. Learning all you didn’t like about yourself and your inner dialogue? What a potty mouth? Lol.

And I love you. A child knows who they are when they are born. I’ve just spent years dealing with people ideas of who I am. Now you know who I am. And that God made me from you, for you. My gifts came from you and my Dad mixed together? You get one slick girl who’s minds like a knife and her tongues like a razor. If you use them right? You can cut some cancerous mindsets away, from the family you trained to bring healing too. I know the marks missed Mama.

Oh Mama. I got you good. I mean. I got ya good. Played you like a fiddle and you danced your dance for me. Victoria danced too. And everyone told on themselves. Even me. I popped all the mental zits!! Pop pop pop! And Chelsie watched her Mama perform the biggest mental healing of her career, publicly done.

She’s gonna drink tea and savor what freedom feels like after the truths come home to clean house. No ones gonna lead my own daughter to block me. Least of all me. I’m showing all my kids how to be to their Mama. Radically truthful.

Don’t you ever doubt my love. Anyone. I’m

Not doubting yours? Even if you try to hide it from me? Love is crazy. So you got to act crazy to get love to come out. Xoxo. šŸ’‹

Drink up! Drink up! Move down! Move down!!

Tea time Chelsie!!

Being public isn’t that bad once you get use to it.


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