Mama don’t cry.

These streets didn’t change the love I feel for you.

you didn’t know you sent little ole me to the streets. But now you do.

And best remember. Be- Linda. Rules the streets. It doesn’t matter where you throw a queen, she rules and reins her kingdom and is faithful with little, because she knows she’s got much coming to be thankful for and a harvest coming from all the seeds she’s sown for the love of her Mama.

So don’t cry for anything but joy Mama.

I am an OG in my own right. And a woman

Adoption is a gang. We are initiated into adoption through violence. Severed from our Mothers very young.

And you and I the victims of this violent act so devious and hurtful. Called something else. Painted. Hidden agendas. Mindless disregard for the affects this had had on many. Rebellion against humanity itself and all that it stands for torn asunder, yet not destroyed completely.

I grew new roots from the nine months I had. And have used those roots to walk myself

Home. Thank you very much but no thank you again. I will blow this whistle on a Mobster called Adoption. Thrives in suits with shiny pens taking what’s not theirs and profiting on unknowing woman who are backed up against a wall we created and could easily tear down.

If only everyone could see what I’ve had to see and my brothers and sisters have had to see and face on a daily basis for the sake of their Mothers. Reunion is on our minds. And our Mamas must be receptive. And all that they were told must be torn down. For it’s a lie.

The fact remains. I am the daughter of Linda Marie.

That. Is nothing to cry about except for joy.


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