I get it Mom!B!!!

My momb as invisibly mombed me my whole life. And she is cool enough to be in my Instagram Snapchat WordPress world. That’s the point. What did you think that point was?

Well? That’s on you isn’t it? Not me.

If this blog riles anyone up? Well? Just remember? A trigger is a trigger. And all I did was tell the truths told to me, and it triggered you. Imagine how Mama and me feel? Now ya know.

Who mombed me.

she in every photo inside me looking out saying hey!! gello!! Linda here with Miss Bee!

I even sound and act a lot like her. Which makes it really wicked. Like she taking straight to me through me? For someone who was 30 when I got to see how much I picked up of hers? It’s mind blowing.


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