Moon in Virgo. It’s your time Mama. Xoxo. After sifting.

Harvest has come.

Love this woman’s take.

The moon is still waxing in Virgo. Virgo is symbolised by a sheaf of wheat representing how important it is we attend to that which sustains us…our health & wellbeing on all levels.

That’s what it is to live a holistic life – look after the whole of ourselves by acknowledging our needs as a being who is energetic, mental, emotional & physical.

If we negate one of these areas, the other there become stressed in trying to compensate, resulting in dysfunction & illness.

So today is a good day to identify which one of these elements do you tend to neglect…

– AIR: your need for understanding, mental stimulus, mental relaxation

– FIRE: your need for creativity, excitement, adventure & play

– WATER: your need for rest, reflection, compassion & emotional support

– EARTH: your need for good nutrition, stretching, strengthening of your muscles, building of cardio stamina, alignment of your skeletal frame & regular detoxification


A staff is a type of magic wand. A walking staff conducts life force from the Earth to us, helping us to hike. In our lives, if the staff we lean on can’t support us, life will not prevail.

Did you know the first settlements began when our ancestors discovered they could harvest wild wheat?

Through meeting their survival needs, they became increasingly creative, birthing both plentiful offspring & crafts to become thriving communities.

This is why they held ceremonies in gratitude to wheat as the staff of life & ovens were central to their temple spaces.

Yes, domestic Goddesses were around before Nigella – way back in the neolithic period! (More on that in my book Goddess Wisdom)

It’s symbolic with the diminishment of the sacred feminine traditions & along with it reverence for agricultural practices so many people now have developed wheat intolerances.

A baker friend told me this is due to 3 x times the amount of naturally occurring gluten being added to store bought baked goods to make them extra light & fluffy while eroding stomach lining.

Virgo moon reminds us when we neglect the building blocks we need to function sustainably on all levels our survival is threatened & when we regress to focusing on our survival we become fearful of losing what we have instead of life being creative & expanding into our fullest potential.

So invest in your needs & you will yield a good return.

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Blessings on your day,


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