Mother’s days. Yeah. The wounds go deep. But I’m

Not Kelly. I forgave Mama. She just hasn’t forgive herself. We can’t go back. But we can clean up today. And the past that haunts us both can become the past that used to haunt us both. Today. If we do the work. And see each others sides.

I wondered and worried. And I still want my Mama in my life. No matter. And that’s love’s power. Working in my life.

I know. Two wrongs don’t make anyone right.

And I wonder.

and. every mothers day. I think and long for the woman God made me from.

this aint my Mamaa broken heart. its mine.

I can see now why I told my Mama Jean I was gonna be a Daddy when I grew up. Being a Mama is rigged for failures.

Daddy was the only one that could see but he could even Help me. I had to learn how to help myself. Something woman are taught not to do.

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